NIGERIAN QUIZ 2: How much do you KNOW?

NIGERIAN QUIZ 2: How much do you KNOW?

Category: Sports. 

  1. Who is the current Minister of Sport? 

  2. On the 9th September, the 2017 NPFL Champion was crowned having edged the second placed team MFM on the final standings. What is the name of the team? 

  3. In what year and in which event did Nigeria win her first football international laurel? 

  4. Who is the first Nigerian to win an Olympic medal? What year? 

  5. Nigeria first qualified for the football World cup in what year? 

  6. After a very long wait, D’Tigers won the Afrobasket championship in what year?

  7. Where was the last National Sport Festival held? 

  8. The only footballer in Africa to have won the AFCON title both as a Captain and as a Coach is……………….

  9. The Super Falcons have won the Africa Women Championship for a record …………… times. 

  10. Who won for Nigeria her first track and field Olympic medal?

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NIGERIAN QUIZ 1: How much do you KNOW?

NIGERIAN QUIZ 1: How much do you KNOW?
Category: General Administration.

Muzzammilwrites Quiz.

  1. The Nigerian Labour Congress is a Pressure group/union that protects the rights and privileges of workers in Nigeria. Who currently heads the Congress? 

  2. In 2015, the Presidential election that changed the face of governance was conducted by Prof. Attahiru Jega. Is tenure ended in 2016 and ………………………… is the new Chairman of INEC. 

  3. Nigeria has a total number of ……. service chiefs? 

  4. If Senator Ike Ikweremadu deputises for Senator Bukola Saraki as the Deputy Senate President, who deputises for the Speaker of the House of Rep.?

  5. The National executive council comprises of the President, V. president, and …. ministers? 

  6. In April 2017, in connection with fraud and corruption allegations, ………………… was suspended as the Secretary to the Federal Government.

  7. This year, after the conduct of UTME exams, JAMB remitted a record 5billion Naira to the cofine of thevGovernment. This milestone was recorded under the leadership of …………………………….

  8. Who is the current Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria? 

  9. Who is the current Chief Justice of the Federation? 

  10. Major General Tukur Buratai is the …………………………

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‘Atiku Abubakar is not only capable but also competent to rule this country’– Barr. Adam Muhammad Ndakudu.

Atiku Abubakar

With all sense of responsibility, Atiku is one of the very few Nigerians who have no cases of corruption hanging on their necks. This man has challenged you to bring evidence if you have any. The onus is no longer on him but on us who think he is corrupt. He who asserts must prove. Unlike other politicians, Atiku is a self-made business man whose source of money can be traced for those interested. Because he has called APC led administration to order is not a justification to attack his integrity.

Despite struggling so hard to redeemed the already battered image, there is no doubt that this administration has largely dashed the hope and disappointed many Nigerians. So having someone like Atiku who is a strong stakeholder in the party to call the government to wake up to responsibility is rather commendable. But as it were, Nigeria is a country where sane things hardly happen.

Atiku and Buhari

In his words, everything is not about 2019. Is it today that we know Atiku is in this country? Continue reading




Dear Youths of Nigeria,


images_10It is my hope that this letter will meet you in peace. I wish that your life is transforming positively and you are thinking of making your own contributions to the progress and development of Nigeria.

But I hope to address you, yes, you. All of you. Most times, I feel damn sad with the attitudes of some of us – youths between ages 15 to 35 – with the way we use Social media and the level at which we converse on Social media platforms.

images_3Many of us fail to operate by the ethos of common sense, respect, honour, dignity and lose that spirit of participation. I have observed quite a number of misgivings about our demeaning attitudes in our conversations and interpersonal relationships on Social media either on personal profiles or chats or in groups and I hope to bring them to our notice not to chastise but for us to make amends:

images_71. I am aware that joining a group on Social media especially Whatsapp, Facebook is through personal conviction and these platforms also make it possible for you to exit if the aims of the group is no longer in tandem with your hope, then why join a group and become ‘a ghost?’ You are in a group for close to a year, yet you never make any contribution even ordinary thumbs up.

images_92. Relating to the point above, Continue reading

The SIN-City

The society is now crazy.
If you must survive, prepare for the hunger games.
Get on or Get lost!
For it will get breezy soon.
Looming near is the thunder strikes.


Like the dance of the children in the rain,
We enjoy immorals with joy and pride.
For the saints;
There is no place to hide.
Beat them or join them.

Has it not been seen how wrongs are righted in seconds?
It can only be for you if you are under the right tent. Continue reading


Diezani Allison-Madueke

Musing through the trendings lately, I keep imagining how beauty could eventually become the beast. I mean: exactly what would indeed a normal human being ever need 13 Billion British Pounds (27 trillions of Naira) for in this limited world? if divided evenly across the nation’s equivocal population of 170,000,000 people, each person will get about N158 millions. In fact, she dint just steal our funds then: she stole our destiny.

She stole the National stadium, NNPC towers, 326 Peugeot cars, The American Embassy, Abuja Airport, Aso Rock villa, Road Safety vehicles, ship loads of dollars and pounds, Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Wuse Market, and even all the cows and goats in the neighbourhood… lol. According to Magu, she has humbled Abacha’s loot record. Hahaha… Ours is a country of unending drama. Diezani stole everything!



Could it have been that Diezani was a smooth criminal? A shrewd operator with deceptive smiles and pretty face. She silently killed the then president Jonathan admin. Hmmn… My dear readers, Beware of pretty women. They fit mar u.

Well, Diezani is not guilty yet; neither is she a saint. I am not one either! Saints live in Heaven. But I would love to see justice Continue reading



As a kid of 5 year-old, life was pretty easy. Your greatest challenge would have been deciding which toy(s) to play with first. Or probably mussing and scattering every corner of the room. There is that liberty to do what you like and go scot-free; you would always wish to be forever young.
As sweet as this looks, It wasnt so for the five-year old Lina Medina; a little Peruvian girl who, according to The Sun in 1939, gave birth to a baby boy, becoming the world’s youngest mother on record.

5 yr-old Lina Medina and her baby Gerardo

How did it happen?

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