The dispute between the federal
government and the association of staff
union of universities seem not to be near
the light as the federal
government (2 days ago) proclaimed she
isn’t ready to meet the demand of
the ASUU. The agreement at which the both
parties had entered in 2009 and
revisited in 2012 contains series of request
and approaches that are meant
to help boost the education sector and to
help varsities produce
outstanding graduates who won’t be
shabbily ignored in the labour market.
The ASUU, through her president Dr. Nasir
issa-fagee, lamented that some
years after agreement, it has not been
substantially implemented. He also
insisted that they will not continue to
produce unemployable graduates
because of lack of training facilities in the
institutions. He, however,
appeal to parents and students to stick to
patience as they are ready to
fight out this course to victory.
However, even if Nigerian parents will agree to his submissions, the
Nigerian students (represented by the
National Association of Nigerian
Students) are not willing to. What seem to
be a surprise is their attitude
and reactions towards this issue. They seem
to be cracking out jokes from
the scenario and at such mimicking the
struggle of the ASUU. it’s obvious
they are taking sides with the federal
In my candid reaction, I will not blame the
students that much. They
obviously are tired of these occurrences. It
should be recalled that these
menace (strike) is now becoming an annual
ceremony. It looking like the
struggle seems to be worthless. A struggle
at which never gets a positive
conclusion. Therefore, the students are tired.
They are now resisting this
action as it meddles with their academics.
The government seems not to care
neither does the ASUU. The two elephants
are engaging in a power tussle
only for their weapon to drop, carelessly, on
the grass. The grass is
exhausted and now it cries out. So blame
them not. Afterall, A Yoruba adage
reads thus (in translation) – ‘if you claim not
to care about that battles
that is on going at your backyard, wont they
dump the remains by your
Another adage reads—‘since Pansa has
refused to be at alert, Pansa got
ruined’. On this basis have the students
stand as they will to fight for
their right. As it stands, if they don’t, the FG
and ASUU will resolve this
issue to their selfish and personal interest
but such agreement may not be
so suiting for the students. So let them
speak for themselves. It’s just
funny the approach they seem to be using.
They know they have no power
compare to that of the FG and ASUU. They
played a safe game by aligning
with the federal government (the strongest
party in the game) so as to get
what they want. I mean, every pressure
group fights for the betterment of
the welfare of its member.
So funny as it looks as if the ASUU seem to
be on their own. If they want
to be wise, they should agree to the laid
down terms or else they will be
swept under the red carpet. This is my submission