The day was 1923,when the very first and most recognised election was
held in this nation,Nigeria. Accurately,kudos should be dashed to the British administration and also the radical nationalist movements of that time. They made sure we structurally have says in the government of our own. They made us understand the dividends in proper ‘democracing’. May their humble souls rest in perfect peace.

This exceptional principle of election,being an offshoot of democracy, is a wonderful phenomenon IF it is properly handled. From the time of our colonial administration,it has span and spread widely across the nation till present. And it will continue to take its rigid stance for (as far as legitimacy is concerned) it is the most acceptable way of choosing leaders. Not only at the tiers of the nations government is it used but also at various organisations, be it N.G.O’s,joint stock companies,educational environment and even within family issues.

Election,therefore according to oxford advanced learner’s dictionary(7th edition),’is the process of choosing a person or a group of people for a position,especially by voting’. Wikipedia also asserts that it is a formal decision making process by which a population chooses an individual to hold public office.’ This act of choosing has developed via process prior to its diversification of usage over time. worthy of note is the fact that it is a coin vested with two sides; the good and the bad.
Election can be an instrument of division,a parameter for destruction,a tool of segregation and what have you. But the fact still remains that it is the best form of selecting in any given society. Election provides a safe outlet for the aspirations,systematic and healthy platform for competition. This way avoids anarchy,chaos and military coups. However,it makes the leader responsible and accountable to the people. One acknowledgeable fact about it is that it creates for free and fair environment of selecting,though in some part of the world,Nigeria as a case study,it’s never been completely free and fair to the extent that mandates aint denied.
During the time of our brave heroes, it was atleast fairer to some extent eventhough there were disenfranchisement. Perhaps,the freeness and fairness of those elections can be attributed to the presence of the snow-skinned men. They made sure every vote counted. Favourable
and welcoming strategies were introduced. There was the establishment of a fair electoral commission. The past elections had witnessed and written so many rights compared to the present. May be we need to go back to the past to change the future.

Even after all these downfall and shortcomings,Nigerians havent learn
their lessons. Funny enough,these failed politicians are still the
very set of people we see yearly like there are no substitutes. So old
and ancient they will look with their pale memories and interlects.
Yet they keep deceiving us. they call us the leader of the visionless

I can mention only but few of governments which i see worthy of a
re-election in this country. Not that they are at a 70% perfection but
that they happen to have sticked out their hair above others. Majority
of these so-called government officials are there basically to attain
power,acquire more wealth,accesibility to oversea/abroad travels and
also to acquire that ‘immunity’ of a thing. Not until we(Nigerians)
change our orientations shall we excel. Moreover,they should try to
give chances to the able youths instead.

What they do during elections is to divide the nation and share
envelopes(the robost ones to the top notch fools while the slimmer
ones to the hungry Nigerians). Well do i need to blame them(hungry
nigerians)? They,really ,are not choosers. It’s the way their
honorable ‘polythene-cians’ had wanted them to be. When they wont do
anything favourable to the average masses. They venture on condemnable
activities rather the commendable ones. They embezle,engage in
favoritism,satisfy selfish interest before d masses’. Then they take
time to smile at the barkings of the toothless press.

It seems they know how to run their ways leaving the electorates to
run their mouths. But they should be reminded that ‘God is the King of

Well,in 1993,we nearly had a free and fair election only for an
aborted mandate. It shows how tricky they’ve been toiling with our
brain. Though we’ve been freed from the british colonialisation,we are
yet under the ‘internal colonialisation’. We ll remain colonialised if
only we,as the electorate,are ready to fight this war of

These are some guidelines we may need to better the election principle
in our nation;
1. Increase your political literacy level.
2. Promptg follow up of the election timetable.
3. Get to know d candidates
4. Analyse their manifestoes
5. Attend political campaign and rally
6. Organise and attend political debates
7. Shun violence and corruption
8. Vote and standby your vote.


Ola-lawal Muzzamil Oladayo