The truth is that tens of thousands have fallen by the roadside,hundreds of millions have drowned into the abyss of life,some have even crashed into the ever widening ditch between the rich and the poor and are not so comfortable with their decisions. Had they had this kind of orientation,perhaps things would have turned out brilliant for them. So endeavour to torchlight this excerpt and be assured of a futuristic change. Remember,’only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go’ -T.S Elliot. Many a man has come to believe that ‘success’ is but a mirage; that it comes only to those who has,in one way or the other,engaged in illegal religious activities. They seem to look on themselves as a cow on a farmland;which has no other than to get fed on daily bases,even though the progress of the farm can be credited to its restlessness (from cultivating to harvesting) but the gain in the outputs moves towards the farmer. Moreover,we need to understand that ‘no man is destined to be a slave forever’,everyman is born to be great,to be the best you can be if only you will put in place the right strategies. In prologue,one major step you need to take to attain your best or succeed is to figure out one’s perfect discipline. You need to know in what aspect in which you do perfectly with little or no stress. So as not to be come a ‘jack’ in the figure of speech ‘jack of all trade,master of none’. If you really want to achieve success,then you need to specialise in a particular field to be amongst the best or even the best in such aspect. Let’s take for instance the experience of two musicians. One of whom plays only the sax as an instrument and the other plays all kind of instrument(including the sax). We would notice that the former will be a better sax player than the later. The later will be equal to several number of social network handlers whose bio reads thus; ‘am a web designer,author,business consultant,computer engineer,private solicitor, and i also have a flair for fashion designing’. The first impression this gives me is that the individual is confused as he isnt sure of what profession it does,thus,he definitely cant achieve outstanding results among of the mentioned field. Thus,i cant contact him/her for any,rather will i give my works to a more competent personnel. Even though, there are brilliant people who end up being best in several of different aspects that they do,those are but exceptions confirming the rule. Moreover,you need to build a perfect force in you to combat the greatest militating gladiator to human success. A gladiator with the sole aim of crippling your advancement which it does in a scintilating styles – ‘laziness’ it is called. It makes you distracted as to do what you are meant to do. Be it as it may be,laziness can be cubable by effectively avoiding ‘procastination’. Do at the right time what is meant to be done. In essence,remain focused as you need to understand that ‘blessed are the hands at work;there is dignity in labour’. In addition,an individuals negative attitude towards achieving his ambition(which erupts via friends influences, high level of socialising,etc) ,thus warrants him to continue being an under achiever like usual. One needs to understand that to achieve success is the function of the mind. In a situation  whereby you have developed,towards your work, a weak faith; who knows,if that vision of yours is the light in which the world would be saved. Thereby making you a world embraced hero. In this sense, i ll advice for you not to underestimate your strength no matter what. To be your best in life,your ability to persevere and to be patient is a test to victory. You excessively need this keys to open those locks of success. Do not always expect your works to come out perfect just after the first try; consistency is what you should not trow away. ‘keep on the try till you carve out the best. Imagine if Muhammad(SAW); Isaac Newton,Abraham Lincoln,Graham Bell,Lord Robinson,and many more of other great minds, had lost courage and hope just at their first try,would they have being so great,even after death? Even the word ‘impossible’ says ‘i’m possible’. In addition, endeavour to search for knowlege no matter how stressful it might take you. just as the holy Prophet Muhammad has compelled us to do even if it is as far as China. Knowlege is a phenomenom that has no specific location;you only find it when you restless.

Above all,’you are nothing but pencil in the hands of the creator’. He,in His infinite power,has the ability to swing you  in any direction he wishes,therefore, to be that successful visionary,you need that divine touch on your work. Be very close to God, the Almighty as He alone knows best. Vast, prayer is the master key for anyone who wishes to remain standing and even fly.

With these mind catching excerpt, i believe you can attain that height.


Ola-lawal Muzzamil is a concerned citizen. A freelance (creative) writer who uses his work to inspire other creative fellow and to correct wrongs in the society. A student of the better by far institution, University of Ilorin. Studying Linguistics.



However , there is this concurrent cry on the drastic fall on the nation’s economy when every of the depreciating factor is obviously traceable to our negligence and non-challancy. A Yoruba adage reads ‘the insect that eats up the vegetable habits right inside the vegetable’. Perhaps, the economists haven’t proven that yet. One funny thing is that we tend to implement unworkable programs, theories and principles just because we’ve seen it work in mutually exclusive environment. Not minding or studying the environment of occurrence, we blindly follow accustomed principle of the West or the East.

Well, let’s forget about politics. Shall we be informed that the major cause of this drastic and deadly fall in the nation’s economy is traceable to the attitude of we, the youth. Yes, the youth I said. With our laziness and ignoramity, we have successfully screwed this nation. Yet we claim to be tomorrow’s leaders. If this present generation of youth carries this orientation over to adulthood, then Nigerians shouldn’t be surprise of the outcome – doom!

This is not a prophecy of doom, though, but the ugly fact remains that the youth of today lack CREATIVITY. An average Nigerian youth will consciously ignore the zeal to work to upheld procrastination and laziness. Thus; leading to an abnormal creativity level. Maybe we need to be sensitized to the fact that unless we are devoted to whatever we do, new initiatives and techniques can’t be acquired. More so, that success or perfection (so desired) can’t be achieved without hard work and resiliency. Following a Yoruba adage, when a welder continuously hit his hammer on that one spot, he gets his desired shape. Perhaps, we say our youths lack fate in what they do; maybe they do not like to try or there orientation seems to be weak. Bare in mind that the best helping hand is that very one at the very end of your arm. Creativity, thus, is the unit of hard work and continuity.

According to Robert E. Franken edited ‘Human motivation’, he defined creativity as ‘the tendency to generate or recognize ideas, alternatives or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems, communicating  with others and entertaining ourselves and others’ (p.396). He also stated further In his analysis that one (and the most important) of the reason why people should be motivated to be creative is for the need to solve problems. From this definition and analysis, we shall conclude that creative requires nothing lesser than hard work and commitment. It is the ability to deduce unique alternative from a general perspective (norm) to basically solve problems; communication and entertainment.

The book, ‘Human Motivation’ also declared that to achieve these unique alternatives, it doesn’t occur by mere change; ‘it is liked to other, more fundamental qualities of thinking, such as flexibility, tolerance of ambiguity or unpredictability, and the enjoyment of things heretofore unknown’ (p.394).Creativity can also be seen as any act, idea, or product that changes an existing domain, or that transforms an existing domain into a new one.

Obviously, one needs hard work to attain creativity. This so referred ‘hard work’ is what the majority of Nigerian youth (or should I put ‘all Nigerian youth’) lacks. An average young man in Nigeria prefers doing things the accustomed way. No profound initiative to invent something new. This has led us towards using foreign theories, techniques, and commodities. Yet we produce thousands and thousands of graduates yearly. Who knows where the fault is? Cos I seem not to.

Although this decline in creativity level isn’t affecting this nation alone, it cuts across every nation of the world. The funny fact remains that Nigeria is on a bad percent on the creativity stat. According to the Adobe (Nasdaq:ADBE) state of create global benchmark study (April 23, 2012), new research by Strategy One, conducted as an online survey, it  reveals a global creativity gap in five of the world’s largest economies, the United states, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Japan. The research shows 8 in 10 people feel that unlocking creativity is critical to economic growth and nearly two-thirds of respondents feel creativity is valuable to the society, yet a striking minority – only 1 in 4 people – believe they are living up to their own creative potential.

Countries like Japan, the U.A.E, and America are adequately strategized towards the notion of creativity in their society. Thus has made their economy live at the peak. Not until Nigerian youth learn to be creative will the economy flourish. Funny enough, these countries still do not believe they are creative; at that, they have continued to increase the percentage. But sarcastically, here in Nigeria, we have chosen to neglect this economic booster (creativity). We’ve left it to keep rolling on the decline. Something which is meant to be inevitable just became evitable. We tactically need to revisit this forgotten hut to gather for ourselves the solution to our problems.

Moreover, there are different ways at which creativity can be employed. Some see it as the ability to draft fantastic novels of value, some in the ability to express inspirational and touching speeches, some see it in the advances to compose or/and sing melodious and melancholious music. In whichever way, we want to view it, what stands out is the ability to create unique alternatives in whatever we know how to do best via hard work and resiliency.

Perhaps we need to begin to gear our mind towards attaining and elevation this already low percentage (of creativity) of ours to atleast makes our life better. If we endeavor to be creative, not only will it help the economy, but
—   will also help build a standard and better image for the nation to the outer world.

–will also help expand our intelligence.
–will also help to reduce neo-colonialism
–will also help internal production and manufacturing
–will also help the entertainment industry.

The list, definitely, can’t be exhausted. Creativity will absolutely be beneficial in all ramifications. In that line, maybe we need to learn potentials on how to be creative and then step up on our creativity level. In this vein, a profound scholar gave his characteristics of a creative personality, that;

1.     Creative individuals do have a great deal of energy, but they are also often quiet and at rest.
2.     They tend to be smart, yet also naïve at the same time.
3.     They seem to harbor opposite tendencies on the continuum between extroversion and introversion.
4.     They are also humble and remarkable
5.     They are always optimistic

In conclusion, Nigerian youths need to wake up from their slumber. We need to be hardworking, outstanding and optimistic in orientation. We need to uphold the notion of creativity as it is capable of various benefits to the individual and also to the nation at large. We need to stop procrastination and be steadfast at work. Creativity is man’s ability to deduce unique alternative to an already established convention or process. Let’s get creative, Nigeria!

Ola-lawal Muzzamil is a concerned citizen. A freelance (creative) writer who uses his work to inspire other creative fellow and to correct wrongs in the society. A student of the better by far institution, University of Ilorin. Studying Linguistics