The battle line is drawn,
The soldiers are ready.
I mean the academic Spartans are fully kitted.
To conquer is their only mission;
Forward ever, backward never.

Even the weak Spartans aint on relent;
They are also on the tussle for redemption of their lost image.
Like pieces(in a game of chess), they shall move
Until they become queens.
It’s so revealing; the zeal on our faces.
Who do you think we are?
We are scholars on rampage.

Evenly sharpened is the spear in our hands;
Completely armored our body looks.
Not forgetting our excellently built battle charms.
Like the Epic Yoruba warriors,
We look powerful.

We have our academic ‘bante’ already around our waist;
Our educational riffle and short guns are fully loaded,
And our success charms wonderfully ready for use.
Our shields are so mighty, wide and strong–
Blocking every sense of fear.
In order To pose away those hectic lecturers’ missles.

The battle line is drawn!!!
We are as ready as the gun itself.
Don’t be surprised sirs, we have had calculative nights of preparations
Under those unhealthy conditions of the training centers
With the distressful checks of the mosquitoes.

Indeed! We are ready.
I can hear my fellow warriors chant.
I can feel the pressing heart beats.
I can hear the squashing stampede
And the amplified drumbeat like the regular Yoruba war theme.
Oju ogun da!

For every mountain we pass,
Their collapse is inevitable.
For me, it’s survival of the fittest.

But like a Yoruba mythology will have it,
I’d rather keep mute than to let the roaring cats out of the cage.
Olukoso is prepared;
But know one shall hear this from me.
All I can say is :
We are 99.9 percent ready for the lecturers.
We say bring the exams on, bring on the battle!

Fasaites! What is your ambition?

(Dyscholar) is a concerned citizen. A freelance (creative) writer who uses his work to inspire other creative fellow and to correct wrongs in the society. A student of the better by far institution, University of Ilorin. Studying Linguistics. A current servant at the students representative council, students union, unilorin.