Impossibility is but an utterance;Image
A mere function of the tongue.
It’s the fate of some lazy fools.
Saying something is impossible
Is more of an idiotic expression when
One can actually do a lot to make it possible.
Impossibility is but an idle man’s excuse;
So as to stay work-free.
Ọlẹ afajo! The yorubas will call accuse.

Grab your tools today!
And fight out that battle of impossibility.
Yes, I believe!
We are all vested with that divine ability
To make every impossibility turn possible.
For in this world, nothing really sounds impossible.
Even the word ‘impossible’ says I’m possible.


Ola-lawal Muzzamil is a concerned citizen. A freelance (creative) writer who uses his work to inspire other creative fellow and to correct wrongs in the society. A student of the better by far institution, University of Ilorin. Studying Linguistics.


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