ImageSometimes we tend to blame people for certain act of behavior because it hurts us, faking to forget that a gun can’t shoot if it’s not being triggered or tampered. Imagine a man suffering from chronic headache and still wish to continue his day to day activities without pain, has he forgotten that ‘when the head is gone, the body is useless’.

Rosululahi (S.A.W), once said ‘our decision to fight evil, when we see one, will be bountifully rewarded’. On this note will I stand as I plan to wash away the evils in our society.
We talk about conflict and social vices as a state of disorderliness because we don’t want its occurrence anymore, humanist stood out of religious belief to tackle the problems of human existence, via this, gave birth to the different international organizations. Thus, we believed our problem had been solved only to discover it was just the beginning. Oh God! Guide us aright.

About 67years ago, after the end of the second world war, indeed another organization was setup with the sole aim of ensuring peace and tranquility in every part of the world and its attempt to mediate in every misunderstanding between nations in the world. Though, to some extent, her impact can be felt. But she hasn’t been able to totally solve the problem for which she was established. The United Nation (as it is been called) and so many other international organization have ushered more of negativity than positivity. Instances can be drawn from the way in which they operate, the way they are organized, the way they attempt issues with severe partialities, the way in which dispute are settled; these and many more I believe is the reason for any conflict whatsoever we may be facing in this present 21st century as I elucidate further;

It is of fact that when a goat happens to be pushed till it forcefully reaches the wall; it revolts. So is the situation of terrorism and genocide. When their privileges are being denied or deprived by these organizations. Not until these organizations constitute proper leadership will these conflict reduce to the bearest minimal.
So many an incident has occurred to prove that international organization are not really up to the book. To start with, remember the issue between Russia and Georgia; Russia being both a party in the issue and also a veto wielding power in the U.N, the result was paralysed at the committee. It’s glaring from this point, that the nations at the top (most times) use the so called power for their selfish interest.

In addition, the UN has 5 permanent members has its super power. This cabals eventually control the entire organization whereas, some other nations have no control. The granting of the power of veto theorises the uneven distribution of power. However, this vetoism reduces the strength of decision making as veto holder will fight and stand on his decision thereby enhancing slow decisions. In essence, they (veto powers) tend to use this medium to acquire support of these smaller nations. They will promise to win issues for them if only they will, in return, dance to their rhythm. Less privilege nations will thereby have no other option but to succumb.
In the process of sending and gathering questionnaires to find out the public’s opinion about this, it was observed that a 65% (as the majority) have this believe about the UN. That it is a corrupt body trying to cleanse the world off corruption. Well, I will tap idea from a Yoruba adage that says ‘it is logical to sweep the rooms first before stepping out to sweep the Yard’. Since the organizations are not clean, how then will they be able to cleanse the world? Imagine high profile personalities of the UN in various scandals, how then will they do it if within them is a heap of bin?

It is even revealing their actions. Less privileged nations are being dealt with because they refuse to take orders from the privileged ones. Logically, one will want to believe that no nation is superior to another but with this regular quote from George Orwell’s Animal farm, that “ all animals are equal, but some are more equal than the others”, one will conclude with the sigh of the workability of a conflict free atmosphere. Little wonder, some nations have pulled out of the UN and some are also on the verge of leaving. Imagine the UN suspending Nigeria because it failed to operate a democratic system. For God’s sake whose headache was that?

These organization will go ahead to disregard critical issues to attend to unnecessary issues. Maybe the issues they attend to weren’t unnecessary but the fact is that even though these critical cases go very critical by the day, our UN won’t stand up to it unless they sense some air of benefit to from it. Conflicts in the world won’t be ‘eradicated’ if we insist on ruling with staunch partiality.
It is of fact that in any organization, the organization stands superior over anyone of her members; the reverse is sometimes the case in the international organization of today when some nations prove more superior to the organization. To be sincere, it is like UN is US and US is UN. Nigeria is more or less a veto on Ecowas as America administers NATO. Well, I see no problem with that anyway if it will always be for the betterment of humanity at large and not for their selfish interests.

The fact that there are many powers in the security council of the UN, for example, slows down decision. They may ultimately hold down grudges against one another and as we all know ‘delay can be dangerous’, this may therefore force some hungry militant backed up by some lazy politicians to go ahead and take law into their hitching hands. Jungle justice they will say is the best. One has to scold them anyway, but on the other hand blame the international communities that can’t command national sovereignty. When one considers the fact that the most they can do is to send an ‘angry letter’ to a conflicting nation. ‘Peacekeepers can’t fire unless fired upon’. So even though they are meant to protect and save lives, they actually can’t do much.

In brief, we have been able to understand that the major cause of the international and national conflict is from the top I.e. international and even national organizations in which we vested our trust to safeguard us against problems, whereas the reverse has been the case as they lack affective governance. Moreover, it is observable that conflicts can be curb able if and only if all these international and national organization are ready to live up to the task by;
• Building a new form of leadership that will carry along all nations no matter how small.
• Employing the best form of good governance in attempting and resolving issues
• Embark on a standard peace maintaining mission.

Though I seriously pray not for it to (for am not a prophesy of doom) but if things continue this way, the World War 3 (WW3) might be inevitable. In summary, let’s help the world of humanity build a formidable force against terrorism and conflict via good governance.


This excerpt was drafted some two years back but i still find it relevant to the happenings of the society. lets change the society by pressing the right buttons. dont just complain, do something; it depends on you!

Ola-lawal Muzzamil is a concerned citizen. A freelance (creative) writer who uses his work to inspire other creative fellow and to correct wrongs in the society. A student of the better by far institution, University of Ilorin studying Linguistics.