This has been happening because
the youth aint even fighting for
growth. We prefer to facebook all
day when this so called old men are
busy working out plans for d
betterment of the country. So tell me, how the young will grow?

The growth, in this sense, is not like the
natural human growth. To achieve
it, you must fight for it. So let’s stop
being lazy and take responsibility.

Enough of the unnecessary criticism.
Dont leave the act of decision making and
solution finding solely in the hands of
the old.
Profer workable solutions to critical
issues disturbing the nationhood and stop being a coward.

People need to see the zeal and prowess in
you before they can entrust their life in you.
No one will want a facebooker to rule when
there are thousands of qualified
old-men out there. Think! For This is the #change we crave for.



My title today is so short; witty and tremendous, but heavily pregnant. Without mincing words, I will take my shots with profound efficacy. An old adage reads “he that knows where it’s faulty should repair it before it’s worsened”. My words today will be torch-lighting the hastily concluded national conference in the federal republic of Nigeria.

The conference, amidst much clamour and flaming from the outcome of one of the orthodox #presidentialmediachats, was set up as a committee on march 17, 2014 at the national judiciary institute, Abuja, at 11am to tackle issues relating to the integration, unity and for proper governance of the country. It ended on September 17 after a chaotic adjournment. However, some few had assumed before the establishment of the committee that nothing fruitful will emanate from the conference bowing to the fact that the nation isn’t ripe for it. They claimed that so much corrupt practices and malfunctions will gulp the process. They also taught it would be a complete waste of money and resources. These and many more were there belief about the committee.

Personally, I have no grudge against the national conference though. But their actions, decisions and recommendations is making it look as if some fellow are trying to CON us with all these FABulous display. Therefore, this is NOT a deliberate act to mess the conference. One fact remains that even if a pig is treated like rabbit, it wont keep long before it confirms it habits about being dirty. The committee did not wait long before proving these critics right. From the scratch, it was seen in the procedure for selecting members; the national conference had in attendance a total of about 500 (380) members of which majority are within the age range of old while only very few are youth.
The nominations for membership of the national conference happened to be more of the aged and very little of the youth. This began to pose series of reactions as, to majority, it sounds unethical. Unorthodoxly, that weak claim of the youth not being ripe to be the leader of the so called tomorrow came to light again. However, I don’t know why the youth should be excluded from issues that concern their future this much. Moreover, this conference is solely meant to better the life of future Nigerians and not men and women who have barely ten more years to live on earth. But to judiciously back their nominations, the organizers pointed out their fairness; they claim they chose the members based on a criteria of active participation in policy making and administration in Nigeria. Thus, only limited youths were up to the task. So it is an issue of who wants it most. They are not to blame though, we the youth proved them right by actively shying away from the mainstream. And like the yoruba sayings that reads – mi o le waku ole joba ni ile baba re meaning ‘the weak and lame cant win the throne even in his father’s house’. I think it’s high time we stopped hiding behind the yard to throw stone. It is time we rise and claim what is ours. It is time we stand to say enough! Well to be able to successfully play their conny game, they successfully excluded us.

Returning to the critics of the national conference, they did claimed and it did come to pass. They said the confab was a complete waste of time and resources. Well, I wouldn’t want to align solely with their claim as the outcome of the conference is still under check. But the amount spent was just outrageous. May be the critics were right; maybe they were not. Time will surely tell. After all, to whom much is given, much is expected.

The conference, however, stated amidst many cries and tales and the committee dint stop to amaze the populace. The start of the confab craved so many asides. There were displays of power tussles among the members, sleeping-present members, outright absence of some also showed their level of commitment, arguments about funds and allowances when there critical issues to tackle. Amidst all of these, we also witnessed some sad moments when some confabians slumped and fainted. Some lives were even lost. May their gentle soul rest in perfect peace for they died serving the nation.

Not disputing the fact that everything good must come rough, we still belief that the conference will solve the lingering problems in Nigeria. But like a man that is waiting to see the monkey swim, we are driving towards the fourth mainland bridge. Am sorry but this conference, or committee as the case may be, is in no way near solving our problems. They know this, yet they keep Coning us.