The pressure we bear
The nights we dare
The mornings we hurried
The afternoons we queued
The stress we defied
The assignments we replied
The freedom we sacrificed
The behaviors we sanctified

Nights of endless reading;
Days when the sun choked our breathing.
Gripped with fear of facing tanke,
We were forced to memorise the works of
Leopold ranke.
Like a religion, we worshiped our books
And we cared less about our looks.

Night class
Like day class
Library like a market
Filled with students who cared less about
library ticket
I’m reading at ‘law’ tonight,
Mama said NO to stay up at night
I thought nights are filled with silence and
Not here, ask providence
Slumber, no longer a comfort
Our home no longer a resort

Oh, the exam time table is out
Its a rumour we pout
We hurried still, for here! Rumors are true
We dare not ignore
We neither sleep nor snore
Exam is here
We scurried with fear
And prayed with tears

Holiday is here, still we fumed
Its ephemeral we hummed
We closed our eyes, before dawn we are
back to school
Oh what a school
And then the nights again….