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Maybe I might be wrong; maybe not, but I will appreciate your welcoming effort to peruse through this article. This is about a mind blowing issue that concerns every thinking Nigerian Youth. It is a must-read for every ‘patriotic’ Nigerian who wishes for an outstanding personal and national development.

Come to think of it, who are the leaders of tomorrow and how do they flair in the real sense at the moment? These are simple questions that warrant serious reasoning before we finally jump into conclusion.

To start with, they say we youth are the leaders of tomorrow. Of course, we are and they been saying this even before I was born. But the point of reasoning is that – do we really have or exhibit those qualities, attitudes and altitude that real leaders should display? Am afraid it’s a very big NO. We don’t and we are not even craving to acquire them. We look too comfortable the way we are.

These old wigs had pushed us out yet we stay so relaxed. From time in memorial, they have killing our dreams. They claim ‘we are the leaders of tomorrow’, but have shielded us from acquiring the basics and culture a potential leaders should. Knowingly or unknowingly, they have only been concerned about their own progress and they forget to bring us up in the administrative way. Perhaps, for the fear of our dominance.

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Nigerian Youth Corp members at an Orientation camp

I don’t have real issues with them, but with we youths who seem to accepted the fate. Awkwardly, we look too comfortable the way we are. We prefer to sit down on those cushion with our legs crossed over the other doing nothing but Continue reading



Even though the society is full of women parading
themselves at all fronts, aspiring to become the next
rulers of the world, all that is regarded as women
emancipation and attainment of absolute freedom
for the female gender today, it is very saddening to
note that the fundamental roles of every mother are
mostly failed. Most parents have lost their primary
roles to the secondary, and the vacuum is adversely
being felt. The reason why youths of this generation
are short of intrinsic etiquettes and moral standards
is nothing but the fact that they are not well doctored
from home. The modern world has subjected most
young ones to counter-productive parental guides.
And in spite of all attempts by education, movies,
books and lectures from both traditional and modern
institutions to address this menace, the situation
rather to improve, is getting worse!
This piece is an impelled reaction to an article I read
recently on “PARENTING.” From what I read, I must
say categorically that the issue of parenting needs to
be well checked and re-addressed as a matter of
Whenever a child is found misbehaving, he’s always
examined from the background. Even those that are
seen to be performing encouragingly well, the point
of reference still remains their parental corner. When
parents (mothers particularly) who are saddled with
the responsibility of feeding young ones with good
mannerisms by taking them by their hands in order
to embed them with endearing moral values are
MISSING ON DUTY, then what do we expect of the
The greatest concern to every mother now is their
career. Every woman wants to become more than a
cook and a baby-producing factory. Everyone is
desirous to become CEO, Landlady, President etc.
Some even wants to become husbands of other
women. Imagine! By all these however, we
uncontrollably loose our wards to wallow in abject
lack of proper welfare and the parental upbringing
every child is due to get from home.
In the name of westernization and unruly
civilizations, our morals are sub-changed, or bluntly
saying, lost. Yet the African society which is globally
known for rich cultures and moral standards isn’t
seeing it as a big deal. We are unconsciously been
carried away by modernity to the extent that our
mother tongues are all fading into extinction!
Sadly saying, I know of many parents who brag about
their children’s inability to communicate in their own
mother’s language. The reason is not far-fetched; we
all want our children to be the most adorable
speakers of the colonial language. Several times I’ve
come to ask them, does that in anyway enhance their
productivity as promising youths of our nations?
Does it even make them infallible writers or the best
grammarians? I doubt it!
I doubt if there are any writers in Nigeria who have
surpassed the remarkable feats of the likes of Wole
Soyinka, Chinua Achebe, etc. These models, I must
say, have done nothing but used foreign languages to
communicate the entrenched values of our land to
the world. Upon their exposure and global
experience, they refused to sell their rights to any
foreign culture.
Dear reader, the only way to revive our homes and
return it a productive classroom that is firstly
contacted by every single child is to ensure that the
new generation parents get back to their primary
obligation. No woman is stopped from attaining
heights of successes in life, but immediately that
comes at the expense of our future generations, then
the success is vain.
Every mother must take up the responsibility of
educating their children/wards, instilling enviable
morals in them, spending good and quality time with
them, showing them the path of God and
exemplifying imitable characters for them to imbibe.
Parents of this century must stop trading their
maternal responsibilities for career goals.
Ensuring a fulfilling future for the youth of this
generation is a worthy career every woman must
Imam Lawal Ummulikhaeri (UMMU)
Vice President,
University of Ilorin,
Students’ Union.