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Maybe I might be wrong; maybe not, but I will appreciate your welcoming effort to peruse through this article. This is about a mind blowing issue that concerns every thinking Nigerian Youth. It is a must-read for every ‘patriotic’ Nigerian who wishes for an outstanding personal and national development.

Come to think of it, who are the leaders of tomorrow and how do they flair in the real sense at the moment? These are simple questions that warrant serious reasoning before we finally jump into conclusion.

To start with, they say we youth are the leaders of tomorrow. Of course, we are and they been saying this even before I was born. But the point of reasoning is that – do we really have or exhibit those qualities, attitudes and altitude that real leaders should display? Am afraid it’s a very big NO. We don’t and we are not even craving to acquire them. We look too comfortable the way we are.

These old wigs had pushed us out yet we stay so relaxed. From time in memorial, they have killing our dreams. They claim ‘we are the leaders of tomorrow’, but have shielded us from acquiring the basics and culture a potential leaders should. Knowingly or unknowingly, they have only been concerned about their own progress and they forget to bring us up in the administrative way. Perhaps, for the fear of our dominance.

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Nigerian Youth Corp members at an Orientation camp

I don’t have real issues with them, but with we youths who seem to accepted the fate. Awkwardly, we look too comfortable the way we are. We prefer to sit down on those cushion with our legs crossed over the other doing nothing but discussing sports, music, movies, games, and even politics to being in the topmost or working administrative class. Isnt that how they wanted us? Well, it is not a crime to engage in discussion though, only if you are ready to reflect, marginalize, and then maximize what you get from the discussions into productive ends. We have attended so many seminars, conference and even summit to the extent that we can even predict what will be said or discussed at anyone even without attending. Amazingly, these discussions may even lead to great quarrel, arguments and even misunderstandings. These are fruitful sides to discussion but have we been able to manifest the outcomes for positive use? Instead, discussions and arguments are now leisure games. We do it for the fun of it just to prove our prowess and that’s all. We ll go on and on dwelling on the points where the other end disagrees just to show how argumentative competence. And so we end up having discussions and arguments without sincere reflections.

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Nigerian youths need to wake up. We need to begin to see beyond the surface in order to develop a positive orientation towards the development of this nation. We shouldn’t just sit there and criticize like we do always. Let’s reason along with the conversation and then make productive suggestions. Ok, haven criticized, rubbish and condemned series of actions of the people in government, what have you, personally, been able to contribute towards the dynamism of that matter? Have you really taken time to reason beyond the depth to dig out solutions? What about those talents and knowledge you have acquired in those various institutions of learning – how well have you been able to apply them into solving real life situations? Or you think you just got them for academics sake?

Please change your orientation. Don’t just criticize, do something (no matter how little). Your little effort might the motivating factor for some others to thread. Who knows, you might be the change Nigerians have been waiting for.

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We shouldn’t just leave those old men up there to keep deciding our fate. Join them in the struggle; create and find possible solutions to problems ravaging our country and then see if you wont be recognize. Think about this, if the likes of Obafemi Awolowo, Ahmadu bello, Tafawa Balewa, Anthony Enahoro, and the likes of other notable youths as at the time of independence had just criticized and did nothing more, if they hadn’t applied their various knowledge acquired from different fields of life and study into the politicking business of Nigeria, will we be celebrating what we celebrate today?

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Get this straight, no one will help you except yourself. Don’t let anyone deceive and use you for their selfish goal. These men had failed us when we needed them most and there is limit to what they can do to redeem that image. They failed to build and train us when it matters and left us to go astray into the wrong lifestyle while they keep rotating amongst themselves till they die. The fact is we are not yet ripe for governance because they failed to nurture and wet our plant. For their own selfish goal, they had planned this perfectly. We ve remained on that three sitter couch in their homes reading their lies in dailies, with the remote in our hands, watching their acted dramas on the big screen.

Now tell me, where is the future? What will happen after they are all gone?
We need to break out of this shell, we need to come out of this cage and give them a big run for their money and lives. Because if it continues this way, we will all end up becoming their loyal dogs for life. They will only bring us up into their team when you pledge loyalty to them no matter what you have to offer. Afterall, we cant make it our own way unless we #saibaba , #saiBukky or even play spy for some #asiwaju s. Or isnt that the trend? Hmnn… they think we are fools (oh sorry), we are real fools. They keep playing and shielding us yet we follow them like the zombies that we are. Have we no intellect? Have we no intelligence?

Am sorry, if this article hits hard on you or on any of your concerned Godfathers. As a matter of fact, you can report this post to them. But have dearly in your mind that this post is only trying to #openUrMind and not #openNass. Shebi, you can sit there all day with your device shouting and chanting the #openNass not because you really feel the pain but because that your godfather has preached you to do so. If that godfather changes his mind in the next few seconds, shebi you sef will change with him? Infact, what am I saying sef, try not to change with him and lose your godsonship stance. isnt that the kind of life you live?

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Don’t let them continue to use you to fight one another. For crying out loud, you have a mind of your own and you can make it without being their dogs. Don’t misplace your ideology for another man’s dream. You will end up having problem of idea selection in future which can then mark your end. You cant be dancing your favorite shoki dance to another man’s blues. You will only look like a mad he goat. A word they say is enough for the wise.
Ola-lawal Muzzamil Oladayo is a concerned citizen. A freelance (creative) writer who uses his works to inspire other creative and productive fellows. Correcting the wrongs in the society with every chance possible. He is a graduate of Linguistics from the University of Ilorin.



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