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Nigerian Lawmakers scaling the NASS fence

With the way my fellow brother and sisters in the ‘youth industry’ are criticizing (as usual) the president’s #ministerialList, I think I have been forced to talk.

But before I proceed, isnt it this same Nigerians that voted for change? Are they not the the same set of people that were backing every Buhari’s appointments just last month? So why the sudden change? Well, I know quite well the reason for the change. Una sef want ministerial portfolio abi? No problem, but lemme just remind you sey ‘na hand wey work na im dey chop o!’. Tor!

Back to the matter at hand, we (youth) have resumed again to our regular game of criticism. The one game no other age bracket plays better than us. Infact, I think the present administration should endeavour to create for us a Ministry of Criticism. Maybe then we will have our share of the ministerial cake. But as it stands, am sorry if you think am wrong, we don’t deserve any of the ministry on ground. Ask me why and I will give you reasons.

The first reason, just as I have said in pidgin above, is that ‘you cant reap from what you did not sow. There is no way you will climb the ladder of success with your two hands in your pocket. The truth is we always want success cheap. We are not ready to struggle real length for success. Yet we criticize the successful. Let me ask you a question; when this old men were busy delivering their respective states and region to the president in the 2015 polls, where were we? Shebi we were here on this regular platform (social media) helping them count their gains. We sat at home watching T.V while they were at the war front risking their lifes and integrity. Till date, some of them haven’t recovered well from the clash. Many of them are paying the price by being scapegoats of justice. So many of them have been witch-hunted by both the tribunal and the judiciary. Did you ask yourself why no youth have been vindicated so far? Ok, that’s none of your business shebi? U just sit at home and start making memes of them in the dock. U sha want the ministerial slot but you aint ready to pay the price. Don’t be a coward bro.

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