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Already, Humanity has suffered enough in the hands of these terrorists. Pointing accusing fingers at this point in time wont solve the issue but aggravate it. These set of criminals derive pleasure in torturing and killing fellow humans and keeping malice will only make them look fulfilled. In essence, this cataclysmic confusion amongst religious societies and belief isnt the way out. It’s only worsening it. No doubt, We are all guilty of this act.

Moreover, everyone has been trying to disassociate themselves from the looming terror strikes not because they want to wash themselves clean but because they want to indict the other the people at the other end. Series of strikes and attacks have been launched in different places but little has been done rescuing refugees or on ending the terror. All we do is lay blames and counter blames against one another. No one is trying to really do the needful. No one is ready counter the terror in ernest. No one seems to be ready to look into the real cause of the terror. Since, it is (at least for the mean time) working in your favor, it seems enjoyable. Right? Don’t worry, tomorrow will turn the table and you will also be on the hot seat. Let’s see how well you will defend your tent then. Instead of quenching this fire of terror, you sit there arms crossed observing and criticising shebi? E go soon shock u.

When the cause of a problem is identified, I believe, it is half solved. Why not let’s join hands together to identify tje big problem; then solve it together. Is that too big to ask? Forget your innocence here. Accept your fault and make frantic effort to correct them. It will go a long way in helping humanity defeat her common enemy– terrorism.

When terror looms, let’s try not to be sentimental; lets try to reason beyond the immediate cause of the action. Am sure if we look closely and deeply, we will unlock the reasons and solutions to these problems. Rather than using terrorism as a tool to achieve our blasphemy mission, lets kill the menace.

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I will try to enlighten us of the little I know about what I know about the criminals though. But So far, the Muslim brotherhood, being the unlucky side, has been blackmailed and victimized on an issue they really don’t know nothing about. Who knows which religion it will be next?

For clarity sake, I think it will be important to note and state clearly that Islam (the religion of peace), just like any other religion, does not, will not and has never condone or supported violence. Any individual, sect or community perpetuating any level of indiscipline under this name is only taking advantage of what the world has made of the concept of religion – an institution of war. I say this not because am a practicing member, but from a transparent point of view. It is amazing how we now see clerics on both end accusing one another of the bred of terror – am sure this wasn’t the kind of world both Muhammad and Jesus envisaged.

In the attempt to educate ourselves, lets try to answer these Questions:

•who are the so-called terrorists?

•how have they/did they emerge?

To answer the questions above, Lets take a critical look at some reliable definitions of terrorism. One defines terrorism as ‘a specific form of extreme violence or the threat of violence carried out for ideological objectives with the aim of instilling fear, outrage, shock, anger, distress and demoralization into a target population’. From this definition, we can deduce that;

terrorism is an act of violence

terrorism is done by rebels

terrorism is done to achieve some specific ideological objectives

terrorism instills fear, uproar, shock, distress, demoralization etc. on the attacked community

terrorism is always targeted at a particular population.

Its perpetrators are tagged terrorists.

Now, to the second question, how do they emerge?

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One thing to note is that terrorism is a structure that has no defined beginning. It is like the Kingdom of the ants that has regular and permanent Queens but replaces its King at interval of Death. Remember, the King dies most time in the cause of protecting or mating the Queen(s). Here, the Queen symbolizes the sect’s ideology. Thus, the king is but a player; the ideology drives him.

It should be carefully notice that terrorism, as a structure, breeds up from among or within the populace. It builds up as a result of an abnormal or unusual treatment felt by some individuals as immoral. And its breeding process erupts unnoticed until their first strike. It gradually forms its army from small to Big (like the ants). It then strikes first in form of insurgency when it fully has its structure. If the insurgency isnt curbed in time by the necessary agency, it eventually grows wilder to become the terrorism we will all know. The fact is, no one really knows about them until after their first strike. Whereas, so many waters would have passed undergrounds and canals before it gets to the Dam. I mean, so many activities like the forming of structure and leadership, garnering of supports and funding techniques etc. Obviously, the process of forming a fraternity based association is tedious. It not as easy as it may look. Before different people of unlike minds can come together to speak one voice and relate in like mind, so many untold incident would have occurred; from malice to disagreement to internal war and even possible death of some intruding members.

What am saying in essence is that the main origin of this dastardly act of terror isnt pin-able to a particular source. Their ideology will sure revolve as leadership and membership changes. Take for instance, the strike pattern of the Al Qaeda at the time of Bin laden is far different from the present one. The Boko haram as the time of Muhammad Yusuf is far different from the strategies and concept of the present day Boko haram. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a thing of ignorance to know that terrorism can hide under anything to achieve their aim. They move and evolve with the easiest camouflage and, obviously, religion isnt an exception.

Moreover, it is very easy for them to hide under the camouflage of religion as religion itself is at war with itself. Right from the time of creation, it has been a great weapon of disengagement and disorganization (permit me to say). We think we are doing ourselves good. But in the real sense, we are empowering and giving the terrorists more relevance with our cat and dog fights.

Should we be reminded that the terrorists, Just like the people of faith, are also in search of members too. And they will get their potential members through the aftermath of the war. They will lure the oppressed to their sides. And since an oppressed fellow is always in search ways to overturn the game, he will absolutely succumb to the terrorists to get his sweet revenge. The terrorists are like observing spectators; they sit and watch the waring parties and at the recess, they jump to the field to lure and grab their potential members – the oppressed.

Therefore, it wont be wrong to say that the religion feeds the terror groups with their childish actions. Obviously, the terrorists get equipped with the remains of every religious crisis. So now, “WHO ARE THE REAL TERRORISTS?”. Without mincing words, like I said at the beginning of this article, we all are guilty. We think we are doing ourselves or our religions good, but in the real sense of it, we are breeding terrorism. A Yoruba adage says ‘the palm tree ricochets whatever stone you throw at it’. Another says ‘the pest is killing itself but believes it is killing its host. When the host dies, what becomes of it?’.

To my Christian brothers, what happened to the word of the scripture that says we should ‘live and let live’? And to my Muslim brothers, have you forgotten that verse in the Holy book that states that ‘there is no compulsion to religion’?

To conclude, I think we all need to respect the belief of the people on the other sides of our faith. We need to understand that no religion is superior to another – and even if it is, leave that for God Himself to Judge. Remember, we aint capable of fighting God’s battle. He can handle it himself. Moreover, No religion teaches terror. Lets stop feeding terrorism. The sky is big enough for all birds to fly.

Ola-lawal Muzzamil Oladayo is a freelance creative writer who uses the power of the pen to correct noticeable and unnoticed wrongs in the society. He is a graduate of Linguistics at the University of Ilorin, Nigeria. He also has a prospective career in journalism.

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