RE: What is the difference between ‘individuality’ and ‘personality’?

By definition, according to Meriam-Webster Dictionary, ‘individual’ is being regarded as ‘obsolete’ (i.e something inseparable) – ‘a particular being or thing as distinguished from a class, species, or collection’. On the other hand, the same dictionary defines ‘personal’ as ‘relating to or affecting a particular person’. As a noun, it sees it as ‘a short newspaper paragraph relating to the activities of a person or a group or to personal matters’.

From the definitions above, a close study will point out two important and relevant points;
Individuality is distinguishing. It is the inseparable nature of man (it is the ‘who that we are’ which makes us different from another).
Personality is the expressed action or activities of the ‘who’ that we are displayed via characters. Simply put, personality is the way we express our individualism.

Therefore, it will be right psychologically to say that ‘MAN’ is an embodimic structure comprising of the individual and his personality. The interaction between the two concepts goes a long way in determining who a man is in life. Moreso, the individual as the internal ‘you’ influences the activities of the external ‘you’ (personality). But in essence, people will judge you via what they see or hear you say.

Practically, I like to view the ‘individual’ as the ‘I’ and the ‘personality’ as the ‘Me’. Both are referring to the same entity – the fist person personal pronoun- but in different forms. The former is as the subject while the latter is as the object. The former is the one you are referring to when you beat your chest and say ‘I want it’. The latter is the one they are referring to when they look at you and say ‘we like you’. Which syntactically and semantically still means ‘they like me’.

Take a look at this chart below;Image result for body and soul images

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