images-bJust like Abati in his controversial write-up (The spiritual side of the Aso Rock), Have you also noticed some elements of bad decisions and policies emanating from the Villa?

According to Dr.Abati, some blood sucking demons have taken over the Villa a very longtime ago. He further outlined these Demons to have been the stewards of the wrong and ill-punctuated decisions made by our Heads of states from the past till date. Well, every person is entitled to his /her own opinion and not the fact. Having served at the Villa for close to five years, the fact that a piece like this is coming from him raises eyebrow. Some way, his report has gotten almost all Nigerians talking. But…‘are there really Demons in the Aso rock? In my own opinion and with respect to Dr. Abati (a prolific Dramatist and journalist), his write-up has woken up the ‘Confucianist’ sense of the people. Philosophically, human are always quick to react without a process of deep thinking. Some have aligned with the submission while some are typically against it. Even the Presidency has replied with its own version– unspiritual side of the Aso Rock– by Femi Adesina. In all, the issue is still open to every individual’s personal interpretation.

However, I will want us to see these ‘Demons’ from another point of view. Literarily demons are evil agents. They are supernatural being that serves as intermediary between gods and men. But in political context, the demons are human structures that can serve as a militating force to the progress of a vision. In this realm, anything that can stop you from achieving your goals is a demon; be it man or otherwise.

This makes Dr. Abati’s submission of demons in the Villa makes some senses. Of no doubt, every government have had its own encounter with its own demons. Different sets of people had formed coalition with governments at various levels not for its progress but for its doom. They are Political demons. You can rightly refer to them as the Cabals. With any slight chance they get, they are ready to hijack the government. To them politics is a game of returns. They don’t want to be president; they rule the presidents. They do everything humanly possible to get you there and request your loyalty in turn. Take it or leave it, they own the government.

You don’t like them (neither do i). But there is nothing you can do, they always exist. It’s the democracy we chose. Political demons are everywhere in the world (even America). They influence decisions of the presidency; they feel they got them there. Since they are unavoidably part of the government, to excel as a leader, it all depends on how you are able to manage them. So why shouldn’t we begin to see them as an arm of government.

Theoretically, our textbooks have taught us that there are only but three (3) arms of government;

-the executive [led by the president]
-the legislature [headed by the Senate president]
-the judiciary [controlled by the Chief Justice].

Each arm is said to be independent and inter connected. The legislature makes laws, the executive implements and the judiciary interprets. Every government dwells on the effectiveness of every of these tiers to excel. But there is a fourth tier that requires special consideration – the ‘Demon Assembly’ around the Aso rock. You don’t neglect them if you want to flourish. They possess commanding power that can make or mar you. This is more reason why we should begin to see and plan for them as part of the government.
Since they appear to be inevitable in governance, I think we need to begin to study them concentratedly to change ‘centri-fugal’ state we’ve found ourselves. The school had taught us all that we need to know. How to apply them to real life situation remains abstract. You can only be taught how to cook; no one teaches you the kind of seasoning to apply to give you your desired taste. We need to begin to learn about the Cabals and how to handle them in governance.

How to identify the demons.

When during the President’s inauguration ceremony he said he belongs to nobody and belongs to everybody, I laughed. He said this statement to signal a warning to the demons around. The statement was meant to push them away and set them on the run. But then I was wondering how he intends to run the administration without the fourth arm.

That statement shook the whole nation. For once, Nigerians began to attest the fact that the right option had been chosen. As if that wasn’t enough, he decided to lock them out completely by refusing them the access to mediation; office of the First Lady.

The office of the First lady.

From 1987 till 2015, just like you will always need the service of a Priest to mediate between you and the gods, there have always been a special personality in charge of that duty to the President. Little wonder, Gen. Babangida had to create an office for that purpose (for the first time in history); the office of the First lady.

No spiritualism intended but this office has always been the link of the Cabals to the president. The constitution gave no special recognition to the demon assembly (cabals), hence, an unconstitutional office for the unconstitutional purpose. This, in turn, has made all First ladies very powerful that they challenge Executive Governors and Ministers in some special cases. More reason why PMB has refused to use this office.

PMB and the office of the First lady.

PMB upon inauguration has insisted that he was ready to run his administration without the office of the first lady. The demons felt the intentional ousting out of the government they fought for. Immediately, they rallied around the wife of the president and played the popular ‘gender discrimination’ game. They got the voice of the masses but it wasn’t enough to convince the General. To cut the long story short, Aisha assumed office as ‘the wife of the president’ but not as the ‘First lady’. I wonder what difference ‘six’ and ‘half a dozen’ makes. After all, the way to a man’s heart is through his Minister of home affairs. The link was created but the Presidency refuses to trail. Well, there are so many ways to kill a fish (without using a knife).

Neglect of the demons and its consequences.

As the fourth arm of government (even if you insists it’s informal), the neglect of the demonic assembly wont come without effects. Like an adage in Yoruba that says – an imbecile is less concerned about the extraction of milk but he is a pro in pouring it away.

The fourth arm of government will always look for a way to walk back through the government by crook or by means.
They’ve got nothing specific to lose. Therefore, neglecting them wont come without unfavorable conditions to the presidency. Conditions like;

-Antagonism from within
-Grudges and malice
-Strengthened opposition
-Lack of loyalty and the host of others.

Above all, the presidency also risks losing a re-run campaign as a penalty for disobedience. A case in hand is the issue of former president Goodluck Jonathan and the 2015 election. You know the story and am sure you know the demons. *mouth sealed*

This time around, we have different kinds of demons around the Aso rock. And if not correctly worshipped, the house will remain under fire. *drops pen*


pls., i will sincerely appreciated your views about the above excerpt in the comment box below.

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