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First of all, the aim is not to attack anyone. This is done to ameliorate the problem we presently face in the society. It is to make us see truth in our actions. To be frank, let’s stop deceiving ourselves with that ‘E go better’ mantra. How will it get better when our actions, attitude and behavior makes it worse? From the Common man on the street to the politician in the Office, we are all (knowingly or unknowingly) contributing to the executive process of destruction as designed.

That aside, the cotton no longer fits Omoye, she is already naked at the market square — Things have fallen apart. And to bring back the Good old days, all hands must be on deck. The nation is drowning and it hasn’t been rewarding for us as shareholders. We’ve all been stakeholders in this spoil, we therefore must begin to Plan for a Brighter Rewarding Future (in Fashola’s Words).

They say your Sunday is better predicted from the outcome of your Saturday. Nigeria at the moment is witnessing an Unfortunate Saturday, should we begin to predict a similar Sunday? To solve this, one question we need to begin to ask ourselves is—what does tomorrow holds for us? Hmmn… Wait! Let’s talk a sharp look at ~Our Yesterday.


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First Prime Minister, Tafa Balewa (R)

To say but a little, Nigeria is a country suffering from high decadence of History with about 70% of her antecedents undocumented. I was asking my younger brother one time ago if he knew anything about the ‘notable’ Alvan Ikoku. All he could say about him was about his picture encrypted on the 10naira note. He couldn’t say much about him. Was he a politician, business tycoon or a Military officer? It’s not just my brother, and not just about Alvan Ikoku, so many Nigerian youth have no answer to this question. It shows how neglected the Nigerian yesterday has been.


Yesterday is gone; forget about it.
Tomorrow doesn’t exist,
Don’t worry; today is here,
Let’s carry on.

Hmnn… this is the sweet poem we were trained with. This is the philosophy how our Daddys, Mummys and Aunties have given us — to forget about yesterday and a tomorrow that doesn’t exist? So don’t blame us if we are now roaming the street without ambitions. You made us.

In America, every detail of the antecedents is evenly recorded (even up to the first chief cleaner in the white house *lol). In contrast with Nigeria, little can be seen on paper (just oral literatures). This why some politicians can come to tell us that Buhari killed Fela’s mother and we will all believe. The same reason why an average Igbo youth won’t see his point of relation with an Hausa- Fulani brother and vice-versa. Yet, the Government is deciding to remove History from the secondary school curriculum. Smh… I wonder what will happen when all our old men dies ( the History is going to die with them). Behold! A nation without History.

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History is very important. It is the tool that helps to measure the past and correct the Future. Without it, we will go nowhere. Am afraid, the continuous negligence of history will continue to strengthen our backwardness and disunity. This has led us to ~Our Today.


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The choice of this topic is in perfect monochrome with the happenings in the today’s society. The Nigeria of today is in a state of cataclysm and it is not a day to be happy about. A day filled with high level of corruption, tribalism and nepotism, economic recession, indiscipline and insecurity, environmental degradation and, to crown it all, bad leadership and followership. We all know how we got here. There is no need flogging around the bush. But If our today looks this shabby, our Tomorrow is absolutely a mirage. If tomorrow is a mirage, what then can we say of the Day after Tomorrow – where is the future?


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Today is bad
Tomorrow is a mirage.
What is the day after tomorrow?

Mathematically, the environmental solution to a better Tomorrow lies within Today. So then, the solution to a better Day after Tomorrow lies inside Tomorrow. We need to Make up our mind. Desist from all unethical behavior and attitude Today to rescue Tomorrow. if Tomorrow is clean, then we can begin to look forward to a brighter Day after Tomorrow. In truth, ‘#ChangeBeginsWithYou and I #IstandwithBuhari on this. There is need to wage ‘War Against Indiscipline and Corruption’.


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President Muhammadu Buhari

Many will define Corruption as a deliberate misuse of public trust or fund. But this definition limits the scope of corruption to just finance and monetary issue. It should be expressly captured that corruption is a deliberate attempt to alter or tamper with the generally agreed norms and values of a particular community.

Therefore, the level of corruption in a society is determined by the strength, power and guidelines of the law of the given Society. In a land where there is no law, there is no offence. The laws of the land need to be strengthened. Corruption can be classified into six (6);

–Legal corruption.
–Political corruption
–Economic corruption
–Bureaucratic corruption
–Moral corruption
–Spiritual corruption

Legal corruption is the highest on this hierarchy. It all starts from the corruption of the spiritual mind – lack of fear of God. The Moral standard becomes influenced too, then the Bureacracy. Economic corruption comes as a result of a polluted bureaucratic system – when protocols can be easily bridged. This strengthens the Political aspect of it – which is the deadliest of them all. The political corruption is so strong that once it gets hold of the Legal system, it dominates the Society.
Therefore, we need to retrace our steps. Fighting Corruption is everybody’s business. As part of my recommendation, our moral standard need to be restored with;
–Fear of God
–Good leadership and followership
–Respect for the rule of law.

All these should be encrypted in the new War Against Indiscipline.


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Sometime in August, in a statement through the Head of National Orientation Agency (Mr. Garba Abari), the FG spoke about restoring the WAI brigade of 1984 but little has been seen of it yet.

‘The idea is to deploy 170,000 volunteers across Nigeria to wage Mr. Buhari’s new Campaign against “indiscipline”’

Many have argued that the re-enactment of the WAI agent will be brutal and may practically not solve the problem. But if cajoling and small pressure wont make people change, isn’t it better we enact the use of force?

Please, Share your views about this in the comment box below.

Ola-lawal Muzzamil Oladayo is a freelance (creative) writer. Studied Linguistics at the University of Ilorin, Ilorin.



  1. Actually this is not just a write up for yourself and few of us that can see this great piece, it is for the country Nigeria

    Comrade this is a great piece all stakeholders and shareholders in this menace we found ourselves must read. Indeed, coining frame of words from what the world leader Barrack Obama said about us building sustainable institutions and not needing more people…

    We need to look back to our yesterday to being able to see what made failures failures and what actually brought us to this spot of confusion.

    How I wish most of our write ups will get to them(the chief stakeholders), a narrowed view. Better thought, I pray our write ups will be use by us when we see no us and them, when we see change in us and sincerity in our personalities, dignity in integrity, and temerity in our responsibility.

    Great Linguist, another even in our yesterday is good, sane and people of integrity not being able to silent wrong and ignorant fools who with no parameter scale above their skin.
    How many sane and enlightened youths today want to join politics? How many of us intelligent enough deem it a place to trek? All we chorus all time is “In Nigeria politics is a dirty game”, So I asked, where were our holier than thou forebears when these hooligans high jacked territory of a democratic leadership.

    Bro! Maybe I should peg my dagger of liberty here, should continue in the other room I guess(Lol). I meant my facebook page Okay!

    We are moving
    We are Progressing

    CEO. Abolade360 Empire
    BUILDER, SuperGraced Family

    Thanks friend for this, you are indeed an inspiration.
    God bless Nigeria


    • The other room!? Lol. Nice one brother. Just as u ve rightly stated, I hope our voices get to d desk of the chief stakeholders. But in d meantime, we aint gonna relent. #moving ahead till our voices will be heard. Thanks bro.


  2. Hmmmmmm. Won’t talk to much on this but before anything permit me to doff my Awo’s Cap and Glasses.. This is the best of the best so far from @MuzzamilWrites which State all the rudiment and gave insights to what is really needed to be out of the so call issue facing Nigeria as Giant of Africa(thats if that still exist)

    My Brother has said it all @Abolade
    HOW I wish this get to the upper chamber or this is not seen as ordinary wailing wailer..

    All the truth is here to be noted and this is meant for WE.

    What I meant by WE. Only like mind people like me and you coming up can make use of this.. I pray we get the chance to showkaze the potential we got on stock.

    Make I follow my other brother introduced myself as well..

    John Ayokunle Funso Falodun
    CEO JaffFoundation4Humanity
    A concerned Nigeria and Youth group Volunteer for Change.(Not APC Change)


    • Thanks man. Just as you’ve oobserved, @Muzzammilwrites will not relent in feeding the society with considerable actions and solutions that will lead us to the Change we all crave. It sure begins with our individual and collective efforts. By God’s grace, ‘We’ shall Make Niger-area’ Great Again. Lest I forget, I think I should get an Awo cap for myself too. winks


  3. While I agree with you that we need to put ethics into our minds, I don’t think it should be through the use of force. Sensitization as you do will help ameliorate moral decadence


    • Nice contribution. your view is very on point. However, some will argue that the situation in this country has gone far beyond the control of ordinary sensitisation and orientation. The use of force may not appear to be mild: infact, the government may go too far in enacting this orders. But, there the believe that just a little push will do.


  4. I”M Loving this….i just hope you guys rise above just writing and take actions where and when the need arises…I believe in THE OLD SHALL DIE AND THE YOUNG SHALL GROW…… when the old shall die, my question is ARE THE YOUNG READY TO TAKE OVER,,,, we cant keep having “them” rule us, of course someday they will all leave….HOPE WHEN THEY do …..THERE WILL BE STRONG AND BETTER MINDS READY TO CARRY THE MANTLE OF GOOD LEADERSHIP…… NIGERIA WILL BE BETTER..



    SEE YOU AT THE TOP………………………………………….i remain my humbleself…… JESUSBABY…….

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