Trump is at it again! Won’t stop Firing shots at the policies and decisions of the Outgoing President. This time, he came back for the #Obamacare.


US President-elect, Donald Trump, says the foremost legacy policy of the President Barack Obama’s administration, the Affordable Care Act, neither works nor is it affordable.

As usual, Trump took to his twitter account on Tuesday to criticise the US healthcare reform law that expands and improves access to care and curbs spending through regulations and taxes, had witnessed astronomical increase. It reads:


“People must remember that ObamaCare just doesn’t work, and it is not affordable, 116 per cent increases (Arizona). Bill Clinton called it CRAZY.

“The Democrat Governor of Minnesota said ‘The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) is no longer affordable!’ and, it is lousy healthcare.”

ObamaCare is the unofficial name for The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, a health reform law signed on March 23, 2010, by Obama.

The Affordable Care Act’s main focus is on providing more Americans with access to affordable health insurance, improving the quality of health care and health insurance, regulating the health insurance industry, and reducing health care spending in the US.

The law contains hundreds of different provisions that address different aspects of “the healthcare crisis” in the US.
Obama has continued to defend his foremost legacy policy, saying it has brought on board no fewer than 20 million Americans who were previously denied health coverage.
Trump also criticised the House Republicans over controversial changes they were seeking to the Office of Congressional Ethics, at the opening of the new Congress.
He said: “With all that Congress has to work on, do they really have to make the weakening of the Independent Ethics Watchdog, as unfair as it may be their number one act and priority.

“Focus on tax reform, healthcare and so many other things of far greater importance!”

The ethics body was created in 2008 to investigate allegations of misconduct by lawmakers after several bribery and corruption scandals sent members to prison.
Under the change pushed by Bob Goodlatte, a Republican, the non-partisan office would fall under the oversight of the House Ethics Committee, which is run by lawmakers.

The Democrats had also decried the plan by the Republican House majority.

The incoming president, in his tweet, also slammed General Motors, threatening a “big border tax” on the automaker’s cars made in Mexico.

Trump stated: “General Motors is sending Mexican made model of Chevy Cruze to U.S. car dealers-tax free across border. Make in U.S.A. or pay big border tax!”


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