It’s barely a fortnight to the inauguration of America’s 45th democratically elected president and, of course, anxiety and curiosity has enveloped the atmosphere. Not far from the fact that Mr. Donald (Trump) himself has raised (and still raising) the potentials of his delivery. With his continuous attacks and criticism targeted at his opponents and the Pressmen for their allege bias during the elections, the incoming president not ready to let the sleeping dog lie. More recently, the incoming president approaches more of his Social media accounts than the conventional Pressman style to relay discussions and opinions. Just two days ago, in a New year tweet, the president-elect chose to call out his antagonists and opponents addressing them as ‘enemies’. It reads:


‘happy New Year to all, including to all my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly they just don’t know what to do. love!’.


Food for thoughts:

  • It is amazing how social media (twitter to be precise) has become Trump’s favorite means of communicating. He seems to have enough confidence in it. Welcome development though but how will he manage two accounts [@realdonaldtrump and @POTUS] for the same purpose when he becomes president.
  • For how long will he continue to shield the gentlemen of the Press out of the affair.

It is only pathetic that an incoming President who rode on a controversial election to emergence and who is suppose to be building bonds of unity across the the divides, is on the contrary widening the ditch. I don’t know how he thinks fueling malice and misunderstandings will Make America great Again. For crying out loud, you will be the next president in a matter of weeks and your New Year message carries Hate message? I wonder how he would be able to confidently make positive decisions and policies in favor of these alleged ‘enemies’.

In other news, the incumbent president –Barrack Obama (one of the alleged ‘enemies’) is waging a smart war against the acclaimed Eastern ally (Russia) for her supposed interference in the just concluded elections in the country. Reporting Russia’s role in the US election, The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has claimed that Russia had meddled in it and had by so doing helped Donald Trump win. Little surprise, Vladmir Putin was first to congratulate the brave champ among leaders.

However, to debunk the claims, Mr. Trump described the statement as ‘fake’ and ‘ridiculous’ saying it was ‘just another excuse’ for his stunning defeat.  The President, Barack Obama, upon receiving proofs, 2days ago ordered the expel of all Russian diplomat linked with the infamous cyber attack. Trump, however still insists that the American authority cant be sure of these allegations. He claims he ‘knows things other people don’t know’ about hacking and that he will reveal more later in the week.

As we curiously await the top secret, the bottom line of the whole scenario is hinting at Trump losing more of his supporters based on his cheap talks. This might also be a deterent to his success as the next president of the United states. It’s democracy, you sure need the people to rule. Many are beginning to predict his impeachment already. Time will definitely tell.

Having critically observed his personality, Trump is outspoken and always wanting to be heard –loose. He says whatever he deems without any fear of reactions. This made him the object of attack during the elections. Be it as it may, it worked; he won the battle. But this loose approach count for or against him as he becomes the next POTUS. His influence will stretches out of the corridors of the United states. The World wants to see what he can do. Cunningly, tests will come. They will poke at him to try to study his reaction. If not careful, he will be selling America to the world cheaply. There is no better way to penetrate America. More reason why he should beware of his allies and not always be too quick to react. North Korea’s Kim Jeong Un’s declaration may be a case at hand.

One would think a leader in his position should be diplomatic and conservative enough. But Trumps, outspokenness laced with vulgar attacks are traits he needs to re address. We observed this during his campaign. We can only but hope that this major weapon of his wont account for his tragic flaw.

Furthermore, he probably needs to lay clear cut about his plans and policies. Donald Trump appears to be very un predictable. Fears and worries still trail his promises from during his campaigns; Promises and threats that have placed the entire world under ‘Trump scare’. No one, not even himself, is sure of when, how and if it is possible to carry out such plans. Nothing can be more uncertain as this. To cut the long story short, he massively won the polls. Americans have decided. Hillary wasn’t that reliable too anyways.

Glad he is proactive at picking his cabinet earlier enough. But unfortunately the U.S congress are presently divided across party lines over the approval of his cabinet team. The Democrats filled house feels threatened by the overall dominance the Republican will possess after the inauguration in the government in the next coming weeks and will therefore create tough ends for the Trump administration to pick up.

In all, I wish America well as they transit into a new phase of leadership. Whatever happens, America’s outstanding and dynamic system can survive. American will surely be Great Again.


pls., i will sincerely appreciated your views about the above excerpt in the comment box below.

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