Saraki Flags off the Made in Nigeria Challenge Twitter.

In an attempt to rescue the nation out of economic recession, focus is been drawn to the development and empowerment of local manufacturers for a successful turn around  and diversification.


The 8th assembly headed by the distinguished Senate President, Abubakar Bukola Saraki, is showing profound commitment to this course. It will be recalled that the senate had in last year made a smart move to mandate government agencies to subscribe to the use of locally produced products rather than the imported counterparts. Particularly with the move to amend the Section 34 of the Procurement Act of the law which gives discretion to government agencies about patronizing locally produced goods. When this amendment see the light, will compel agencies to only buy and use locally made goods.

In the same plight, the Senate President had flagged off the Made in Nigeria challenge initiative via social media. According to him, the initiative is aimed at supporting the Small and Medium scale enterprise merchants in the country.

Yesterday, Saraki took to his twitter handle with a call to Nigerian manufacturers. They were required to mention him with tweets about products and their addresses for a retweet. The initiative was immediately commended as many young Nigerian entrepreneurs responded swiftly with captions and posts of their local products. As a matter of fact, the handle of the Senate President automatically transformed into a PR site with displays of amazing products and services.

“The made in Nigeria challenge initiative of the Senate

President aims to boost Small and Medium Scale Enterprises

and connect investors to manufacturers that produce

alternatives to imported product. It will showcase everyday

products that are used by Nigerians locally that serves as an

alternative to imported products.”

Image result for saraki tweets about made in nigeria

As a competition, the local manufacturers are expected to keep advertising and showcasing their product via this channel until finalists emerge. According the the Senate President’s release via his official website, their is reward for the finalists.

 “Finalists will be invited to a made in Nigeria Roundtable at

the senate where legislators, Government Agencies,

business owners and consumers will review the business

and provisions for further funding and support will be made

where necessary.”

The made in Nigeria initiative of the Senate President Bukola Saraki has a connecting strand with French style of assimilation that allows for the celebration and show case of the rich cultural heritage of the Nation. This will in turn help our productivity with a prospect of solving the over reliance on foreign products.

“Since 2nd of January videos of palm oil production, cassava

chips and Aso-oke , pot making industry of Kwara, Adire

Kampala production of Ogun State  Made in Aba Shoes,

leather bags from Sokoto and Kano have flooded the made

in Nigeria social media platforms.”

The senate president has however urged all Nigerians to pasrticipate in this challenge as it will help foster our economic development.

“It is however pertinent that we appreciate the President of

the Senate Abubakar Bukola Saraki for this great initiative.

I reiterate that I am #MadeInNigeria and I support

#MadeInNigeria Challenge and enjoin Nigerians to join the

challenge for our greater good. It’s our participation that will

ensure the success and sustainability of this project.

Il y a ici un défi et une grande opportunité pour le

Nigeria – This is a challenge and a great opportunity for





pls., i will sincerely appreciated your views about the above excerpt in the comment box below.

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