FOOTBALL:FIFA Proposes 8 Weird Rules That May Kill The Game.

In the quest to rebuild and beautify the wonderful game of football, the FIFA under the new leadership of Gianni Infantino is proposing some new and seemingly awkward set of rules to the game.

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FIFA may have succeeded in the laudable bill to increase World cup participation to 48teams but the proposition of these weird and bizarre rules won’t go well with players and stakeholders. The FIFA is looking at the cancellation of the off side rules among others.

In an interview with German newspaper Bild, the new Director General for Technical Development, Marco van Basten (a former football player), has revealed more things that he and the governing body are looking to alter.

The ex-international gave an eight points range from the understandable to the Bizarre. The points (7) are outlined below:

  1. Removal of the off-side rule.

Van Basten said: “Football is more and more like handball. Personally I’m curious about how football would work without off-side.”

Personally, am beginning to wonder as well how the game would work without the offside picks. It will automatically remove the technicality of the strikers to outsmart defenders. Without offside picks, strikers won’t have to border about studying defense lines. They can just stand lamely around the box waiting for the pass. In my opinion, this will reduce the technicalities of the game. Funny enough, read what Van Basten still have to say about it.

“The game would be more attractive. The attackers would have more chances and there would be more goals. That’s what fans want to see.”

Dear Van Basten; as much as we would want to see more goals in the game, it is pertinent to remind you that this is nt Basketball. Thank you sir.

2. Scrap penalty shootouts and replace with “take-on challenge”

Another absurd proposition accompanied with a ridiculous replacement. Judging by The Sun’s analysis, the replacement is likened to what is been used in Hockey games.

‘Anyone who saw Team GB’s amazing hockey gold medal win at last year’s Olympics will know what this entails. When there is a draw in a knockout competition, we would not see a traditional shootout, but a head-to-duel between keeper and attacker.

The outfield player would be able to dribble the ball from 25 metres out and try to shoot or take it past the opposition keeper into the net in a time limit of eight seconds, with five attempts per side.’

I reserve my comment.

3. Punish deliberate handballs less harshly

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Am still stunned at Van Basten, who happens to be a former player and being a spear head to ridiculous propositions like this. Van Basten believes a straight red card penalty for an intentional handball offence in the box is too harsh, and he would rather see yellow cards handed out, or the possibility of a “Sin bin” type sanction, as seen in rugby, of 5-10 minutes.

So incidents like that Suarez’ attempt against Ghana back in 2010 worldcup; denying a sitter, will just go with a yellow right? Please don’t spoil our game.

4. Captain being the only to speak with the referee

I have reserved views about this as well. The Dutchman, wants to end the constant protestation from players towards the ref during games. Only one person from a team should have the right to approach the ref.

5. Introducing a basketball-style foul system

I saw this coming; I knew FIFA was trying to make a ‘basket’ out of the ‘foot’. Van Basten said: “Like in basketball, a player can only make five fouls and then asked to leave the field”.

Once the sixth foul is committed, he or she will have to leave the field never to return again. But if this happens, what will be the veracity of the Yellow and Red card in games.

6. Reduce the number of games

This has been debated a lot recently, particularly in England with fixture congestion and the lack of a winter break, which most other European leagues have.

But alongside Fifa planning to expand the World Cup, Van Basten says that to ensure greater “quality in the game … we should reduce the number of official matches per season from 80 to a maximum of 50.”

Good idea! Thumbs up.

7. Increase the number of substitutes

Van Basten wants to allow more actual changes to be made during a match — but is reluctant to waste time.

He said: “We talked about one or two additional changes in the case of extra time.”

 “The longer a substitution, the execution of a free kick or the treatment of an injured player, the more playing time is lost. We must be careful about this.

“We therefore also discuss making the last ten minutes of the game a period of effective playing time. The ball must roll every ten minutes.

“Because when a team finishes just before the end, they do everything they can to waste time, for example through substitutions.”


Having read through the proposed rules, what5 do you have to say about them? How positive or negative will these rules impact to our beautiful game? Share your thoughts.

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pls., i will sincerely appreciated your views about the above excerpt in the comment box below.

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