Gambia: Jammeh To Proceed On Exile.

Gambia’s former president, Yahya Jammeh will now leave Banjul on Saturday with President Alpha Conde of Guinea, to begin a new life in exile.

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After series of persuasion by West African Leaders, the Former President of the Islamic State of The Gambia, Yahya Jammeh, has decided to relinquish power. He made this proclamation on the Gambia’s National Television later on Friday. He will now be granted the privilege to go on a peaceful exile in Guinea.

Adama Barrow, the new president of the country, was sworn-in on Thursday in Gambian High Commission in Dakar, Senegal. And has, hence, been recognized officially by the world.  Read

Having being denied further recognition by the world and even within the country, Yahya Jammeh was forced to step down. The Ecomog troop had already been put on standby in case he doesn’t. Ecowas had initiated an Operation Restore Democracy aimed at installing the country’s new president, Adama Barrow which has now been halted since Jammeh has willingly agreed to step down. But in Dakar, the Nigerian force Commander of the Operation Restore Democracy, Air Commodore Tajudeen Yusuf, said the ECOWAS forces will not let down their guard, inspite of the on-going negotiations.

“We have been on standby, and the troops are still on a very high alert, depending on the outcome of political negotiations.

“We are not letting down our guard; our mandate is to restore democracy in Gambia,’’ Yusuf said.

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Jammeh was expected to leave Gambia on Saturday but for some necessary finalization in the exile plan. A senior adviser to new President Adama Barrow, Mai Ahmad Fatty, had said while reporting to Reuters in Dakar but he couldn’t point specifically where he (Jammeh) will be heading for exile.

“I can assure you that he has agreed to leave,… He is scheduled to depart Gambia today.” He said.



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