Lagos State Schedules 181 More Roads For Construction.

Last year, the concomitant administration of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode in Lagos state witnessed a massive infrastructural development in road construction. About 114 roads were reconstructed meeting community standards and were commissioned in September 2016. This giant stride among others projected the vision of the Ambode led administration. The government has been working and ist relent on promises. In this plight, 181 more roads have been scheduled to be reconstructed.

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The Governor Ambode, who spoke at the first Quarterly Town Hall Meeting in 2017, held at the Ajelogo Housing Scheme, Ajelogo Market Road, Akanimodo, Mile 12, said the 181 roads, will be an improvement on the 114 roads which his administration promised to embark upon every year. The scheme will ensure that each Local Government benefits an average of three road constructions. Having acknowledged requests and suggestions made by attendants during the interactive session, he pointed out the fact that majority of them are based on roads owing to the success of the 114 roads delivered later in September 2016. He further stated that roads that will benefit in this 2017 scheme will be roads that are key to economic development to create a lasting impact on the people living in that axis.

“I want to pronounce here that you should watch out next week in the newspapers, we are advertising 181 roads which would be done in all our local governments.

“What we have found out is that if we decided to continue with two, some of those roads are not linking each other to the main road, so most likely you would see that if we are supposed to do some road in some local governments, it would only make economic sense if there is a linkage. So you would see in the advert that some local governments would have like three, some would have four roads, but the average is that 181 if you divide it by 57 that would be a minimum of three roads from each local governments,” The Governor said.

According to him, the choice of the roads to be constructed had been made and reviewed by the local governments in conjunction with the engineers. It was also assured that the road would be delivered before the end of the year.  Also, he noted that the last quarter of last year saw the kick off of its “Rent-To-Own and Rental Housing Policy” aimed at providing affordable units across the three Senatorial Districts, disclosing that there are 4,355 housing units available with over 500 applicants prequalified so far. Allocations would commence next week.

The Governor also outlined the administration’s vision on agriculture. He said his administration is already building on its first fruits of partnership with the Kebbi State Government. The two state had partnered to launch the production of LAKE RICE in December 2016. He further stated that this present quarter will see the rehabilitation of the Oko-Oba Abattoir and Lairage Complex, Agege to ensure the increase in the production meat. This will develop the red meat value chain and restructure the complex for improved operations.

On security, Governor Ambode reinstated that the Neighbourhood Safety Corps would become operational in this present quarter with the recruitment of 5700 personnel. 100 each will be deployed to each of the local government to complement the efforts of other security agencies in protecting the lives and property in the State.

The Lagos state government led by Akinwumi Ambode has always maintained the essentiality of building infrastructures, maintaining security and job opportunity has tripod for the development of a mega city.  In this light, he listed some of the key projects to be carried out this year to include Agric-Isawo- Arepo Road in Ikorodu, Ajelogo–Akanimodo Road Rehabilitation, Oshodi to Murtala Mohammed Airport Road, Ketu-Alapere Inner Roads Phase II, Oke Oso–Araga–Poka in Epe, Topo Garage to VIP Chalet in Badagry, Ladipo Market Road and Multilayer Car Park , Mushin and establishment of Bus Terminals and depots in Yaba, Ikeja, Oyingbo, Anthony, Ketu and Toll Gate, while more beneficiaries will receive funding from the N25bn Employment Trust Fund in January among others.

Oba Rilwan Akiolu, the Oba of Lagos, thus reminds the Governor in his remarks to give priority to the construction of the Adeniji-Adele Road and ensure the construction of other roads that deserve utmost attention in the area. He also urged the Governor to improve the standard of markets in the area to enviable standards, while urging total reconstruction of non- approved and unauthorised buildings already built within major markets in Lagos Island. He then urge lagosians to continually support the Government has it has ggod plans for the state.


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