Lai Mohammed Wants Big Brother Probed.

Image result for lai mohammed imagesThe Federal Government of Nigeria through the Information Minister, Mr. Lai Mohammed, has cognitive reservations against the geographical settings of the on-going Big Brother Nigeria Reality Tv Project. As published by the Organisers (Multi Choice). The revived BBN project House is located in far away South Africa and the Minister is not pleased with the development.

He has thus reacted and directed the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) to investigate the choice of such venue when the show can be staged and shot here in the country. In his statement, he suggested that it should also be determined if staging the Nigerian Brand in South Africa is not a breach of NBC code of conduct as the issue of possible deceit can be perceived since the viewing public was never informed of such development before hand.

“As a country of laws, only the outcome of the investigation will determine our next line of action,” Lai Mohammed said in statement on Tuesday.

According to him, he was forced to react as concerned Nigerians have bombarded his office with calls and messages to complain about the anomalous development. He further urged complainant to remain calm and resolute while the NBC report is waiting.

The Organisers of the Show have however noted in their press statement on the premier night that all content and brand used for the show is completely Nigerian even though it was shot far away.

In other story, some Nigerians have also reacted to the Minister’s statement telling him point blank to ‘mind his business’ and leave Big Brother alone. This will further be raising more opinions as to know if Big Brother Nigeria, a Project showcasing Nigerian Culture and Brand broadcasted live on Tv isn’t a concern to the Minister of Information and Culture.


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