Rising Trend in Tie and Dye.

You must have seen some classical ‘adire’ (tie and dye) materials on people lately. They look amazing and you equally wish u could also have them. Well, keep calm, you are not alone with such thought. I used to nurse such feeling before I successfully made one for myself.font-b-tie-b-font-font-b-dye-b-font-handmade-eight-trigrams-hippy-font

Are you thinking of owning one as well? Of course, you can have yours too. It’s relatively easy but requires adequate time and attention. Tie and dye is fast taking over the hip-hop culture recently. Everyone wants to associate themselves, one way or the other, with the trending fashion style. We have seen fashion stylists perform magic with the tie and dye materials. Even the red carpets now showcase elements of the classical designs.


Some prominent personalities have been a big advocates for the wonderful culture ever since and haven’t relented ever since. The likes of Tunde Kelani, Olusegun Obasanjo (former President of the Federal Republic) and lots more are role examples.

With the concurrent growth of alternative music in the industry, this unique culture is beginning to acquire its misplaced grooves. The ‘Orente’ crooner, Adekunle Gold, and the famous Flavour are typical examples of such artistes. Even though Flavour uses more of the native ankara wears than the tie and die materials, Adekunle Gold has grown to be a symbol of it representation. He is seen wearing varieties of tie and dye materials in his music videos and has thus inspired his fans to imitate.twimg-20170105-074240

What are you still waiting for? Don’t be left out in the reviving trend, learn simple ways on how to make and do tie and dye. Apart from being more stylish and following the trend, tie and dye can also be very lucrative. I know of a woman here in Lagos who lives and survives on the income she gains from her tie and dye productions. She successfully trained her two children with the gains from tie and dye.

Imagine you being a major supplier of costumes for the cast and crew of traditional movie productions. Imagine you making a trademark of your own; Louis Vuitton and the likes started with a small idea too. The rest they say is history.tumblr_m2h8crorbp1rotz6ao1_1280

Pick a course in this semi-virgin investment today. Trust me, you will be glad you did in the closest future. I will help you out with some basic tips on how to start as a beginner in my subsequent posts. Stay glued to the blog for more post.

And if you are interested in purchasing a ready made one, you can as well contact me by dropping your request in the comment box below this post. Your requeswt will be swiftly attended to. Thanks


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