Toke Makinwa’s Ex-Husband, Maje Files Suit against Her –Accuses Her of Fabricated Exaggeration.h


Image result for toke and majeAlthough I had expected this to happen but am only surprise as to why it took this long to happen. It’s been over a month the famous OAP, Toke Makinwa, wrote a book about her ascension to the limelight. The book since its launch in November has continued to generate diverse opinions from readers. The book touches major asoects of her marriage life with her divorced husband, Maje Ayida. Some have criticised her on the basis that she over exaggerated her themes by portraying Maje to be a bully, cheater and inconsiderate husband. Of course some have also backed her claims and has praise her for her diplomatic way of resolving the issue.

However, as this story boils, I had expected the attacked villain in this whole story, Maje to come out to either validate or debunk the claims in the story. Right now, it seems my wait is over. Maje Ayide has officially filed a court case against his ex wife, Toke Makinwa over the alleged falsehood entailed in the book, on becoming. He has hired British lawyers to sue Toke over the book he calls an “exaggerated fabrication”. He has also asked her to stop the sales of the book and all forms of promotional activities. Carter-Ruck, a leading defamation law firm in the UK to top figures like Simon Cowell, Elton John and Chelsea FC, and Kemi Pinheiro (SAN) of Pineiro LP is heading the legal front in Nigeria for Maje Ayide. Image result for toke and maje

Makinwa’s book, On Becoming, had detailed her account of her relationship/ marriage to Ayida, a fitness expert. In the book, the television personality accused Ayida of giving her sexually transmitted diseases, being a serial cheat and committing adultery.

The book which was published November 27, 2016, by Kachifo Limited. Toke is presently in Ghana on promotional tour for the book- On Becoming.



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