UNILAG Introduces Dresscode System to Curb Indecent Dressing.

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The management of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) has on Tuesday introduced a new dress formula for its students. The new dress code rules is similar to that of the University of Ilorin which bars students from wearing provocative and body revealing materials on Campus. Apparently, this development came as an antidote to curb the alleged indecent dressing among students (females especially) on Campus.

The management also empowers the staff of the school in enforcing the new rule by prohibiting defaulters into lecture halls and official business. The notice was passed and circulated in the early hours of Tuesday.

In comparison, the University of Ilorin have been effectively running this dress code law for about 7 years now. This policy has helped reduced, to the barest minimal, issues of sexual harassment on its Campus. However, the strict implementations have sometimes caused students to complain aggressively. Students are not even allowed into the school gate not to talk of the campus and lecture halls if not dressed properly.

Below is the circulated notice of the management of the University of lagos on Dresscode.

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