Polygamy in The North: Emir Sanusi II Wants Poor Men Restricted From Marrying More Than One.

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Emir of Kano: Muhammadu Sanusi II

Polygamous marriage in the North is no doubt not alien. As a matter of fact, it has gradually become a culture supported by even the most practiced religion in the region. However, as welcomed as the trend may seem, its implication on the society is also daring. Polygamy, when not handled properly, can lead to un –appealing situations like poverty, malnutrition, and even terrorism.

Handling a polygamous family does not only require a sufficient wealth, but also very high level of intellect and management from the Head of such family. If these aren’t present, a polygamous family becomes a quagmire of commotion. A shabbily managed factory will produce only substandard products for the market.

Commendably, in the bid to caution and orientate the people, the Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, is taking a giant steps in his capacity. Report has it that he intends to propose a law in Kano state that will restrict poor men from marrying more than one wife.

The Emir was reported to have mentioned this in Abuja on Sunday. He opined that there is need to moderate polygamy stressing that the practice is duely encouraged if well practice. He, thereby, wants the Kano State Government to pass the law prohibiting poor men from practicing polygamy in the state to be passed.

“Those of us in the North have all seen the economic consequences of

men who are not capable of maintaining one wife, marrying four. They

end up producing 20 children, not educating them, leaving them on the

streets, and they end up as thugs and terrorists,

“It is perhaps a tribute to Mallam Isa that today, as I speak, in the

palace in Kano a sub-committee of scholars, which I set up and has been

working for about a year, is finalising the final sections of a family law we

intend to introduce in Kano which will address some of the issues that

Mallam Isa was concerned about.

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“The law will address what Islam says on marriage, it will outlaw forced

marriages, it will make domestic violence illegal, it will put in conditions

that you need to fulfil before you can marry a second wife, it will spell out

the responsibilities of a father beyond producing a child.

“It is a big law which covers a whole range of issues from consent to

marriage, to maintenance to divorce, to maintenance of children and

inheritance. It will be the first time in northern Nigeria that a Muslim law

on personal status will be codified.”

The Emir’s apt interference is obviously a welcome development for every progressive stakeholder to emulate.  The safety and improvement of the immediate society is everybody’s business wherever we are.


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