As a kid of 5 year-old, life was pretty easy. Your greatest challenge would have been deciding which toy(s) to play with first. Or probably mussing and scattering every corner of the room. There is that liberty to do what you like and go scot-free; you would always wish to be forever young.
As sweet as this looks, It wasnt so for the five-year old Lina Medina; a little Peruvian girl who, according to The Sun in 1939, gave birth to a baby boy, becoming the world’s youngest mother on record.

5 yr-old Lina Medina and her baby Gerardo

How did it happen?

Reports from The Sun narrated that little Medina at age five complained of stomach pains which in turn resulted to a suspicious increase (growth) in her abdomen size. began growing at age five. The doctors initially thought she had a large tumor (cell).
But after series of tests, it was revealed that she was actually seven months pregnant. The went on to carry the baby and was so delivered of the baby: Gerardo on May 14, 1939 — a completely healthy, 2 .7 kg baby boy. Although, little Medina couldnt deliver her baby through normal process. She had to give birth via Caesarean (operation) because her pelvis was too small for a natural birth.

In the build up to this, doctors discovered that (surprisingly at that age) Medina’s sexual organs were completely mature. Thus, she was diagnosed of having ‘precocious puberty’.

Medina and her son.

So who would impregnate a five-year old?
Having established her diagnosis, issues were sprung up in relation to finding who would have impregnated a girl so young. In relation to the crime, Police arrested Medina’s father because they believed he committed incest. He was questioned and investigated but later vindicated as no concrete evidence could be tailored to prove that he committed the accused offence. He was then released him.
Medina at 85.

Medina at 85

Till this day, Medina—who is still alive at 85— has never revealed the true identity of her son (Gerardo)’s father, or even talked about giving birth at age five. As for the boy, he grew up thinking Medina was his sister rather than his mother. He was only made to understand the truth when he became 10 yrs of age.


Gerardo died in 1979 at age 40 from a bone disease without knowing his father.

Researched and written by Hamza-Afeez Eniola Onireke.
Edited and Published on Muzzammilwrites.


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