Dear Youths of Nigeria,


images_10It is my hope that this letter will meet you in peace. I wish that your life is transforming positively and you are thinking of making your own contributions to the progress and development of Nigeria.

But I hope to address you, yes, you. All of you. Most times, I feel damn sad with the attitudes of some of us – youths between ages 15 to 35 – with the way we use Social media and the level at which we converse on Social media platforms.

images_3Many of us fail to operate by the ethos of common sense, respect, honour, dignity and lose that spirit of participation. I have observed quite a number of misgivings about our demeaning attitudes in our conversations and interpersonal relationships on Social media either on personal profiles or chats or in groups and I hope to bring them to our notice not to chastise but for us to make amends:

images_71. I am aware that joining a group on Social media especially Whatsapp, Facebook is through personal conviction and these platforms also make it possible for you to exit if the aims of the group is no longer in tandem with your hope, then why join a group and become ‘a ghost?’ You are in a group for close to a year, yet you never make any contribution even ordinary thumbs up.

images_92. Relating to the point above, before someone gives me the excuse of ‘some people are good talkers and not writers’, I hope you understand that joining a group is for you to write your opinion and not talk it, even if you are afraid of your ‘bad English’, how will you then improve when you fail to use the ones you learn reading others’ conversations?

images_53. Some of us have made it our attitude to abuse and vilify others at every given opportunity. You will leave issue and attack the personality. That’s not the way to go. You can criticize, attack, disagree, crush another’s opinion or post, never allow it degenerate to the level of hating and attacking the person.

images_44. To the every day advertiser, the group admin or one of the rules of the group expressly states that, ‘no form of advertisement except with the due permission of the group’s admin yet you disregard and even when corrected, you fail to heed. Some funny dudes will even repost the ‘buy BTC from me’ on the message of the admin correcting them. You have forgot that others on the platform too have things to sell but are disciplined enough to keep them to themselves.

images_65. So annoying are the new-to-join a group that will fail to introduce themselves after asking them to but their first post will be, ‘I sell bitcoin, if you are interested, DM me’ and other forms of adverts.

6.We have the self-righteous and opinionated ones that will never accept the view, perspective and opinions of others. They believe they have exclusive right to issues and their opinions must be heard and accepted.

images_87. Africa is culture, culture is part of Africa. We have quite a number of youths on Social media who believe the cloak of the media is enough for them to display their lewd disrespect towards others irrespective of unknowing the person(s) identity, personality and age. Take it from me, the British words may not have respect so to say embedded in them, if you know your way around them and vast with their usages, you can always attract value by engaging in conversation without sounding immodest.

  1. Social media groups are created for different purposes, from religious to social, political to activism, Alma Mater to business each with its own set of rules. Most of these groups will have a rule saying, ‘any post not related to the aims of this group is not allowed’ but some obstinately stubborn youths will never respect such rule, what they are bent on doing is to force their belief on others.

  2. Lastly, some youths will never respect rules of Social media platforms, what to post and what not to, when and when not to post messages, warn them for flouting a rule, they will still repeat same another time. It is imperative we know that, to achieve a reasonable society where modesty, rule of law and advancement will reign, our Social media usage must be guided by civility.

IMG_20170912_094926We must refine our Social media engagement and amend on some of the points stated with others not mentioned here.

For the betterment of our Social Media community. Thank you.
Yours in a better society,
From Oyo town,
Agboola Afees Akinola.

This post was originally published on Akinola’s fb wall on 11th September, 2017 at 15:50.

Edited and Published on Muzzammilwrites.


pls., i will sincerely appreciated your views about the above excerpt in the comment box below.

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