‘Atiku Abubakar is not only capable but also competent to rule this country’– Barr. Adam Muhammad Ndakudu.

Atiku Abubakar

With all sense of responsibility, Atiku is one of the very few Nigerians who have no cases of corruption hanging on their necks. This man has challenged you to bring evidence if you have any. The onus is no longer on him but on us who think he is corrupt. He who asserts must prove. Unlike other politicians, Atiku is a self-made business man whose source of money can be traced for those interested. Because he has called APC led administration to order is not a justification to attack his integrity.

Despite struggling so hard to redeemed the already battered image, there is no doubt that this administration has largely dashed the hope and disappointed many Nigerians. So having someone like Atiku who is a strong stakeholder in the party to call the government to wake up to responsibility is rather commendable. But as it were, Nigeria is a country where sane things hardly happen.

Atiku and Buhari

In his words, everything is not about 2019. Is it today that we know Atiku is in this country? Why have we decided to keep mum over his perceived corruption for long? Why are we just talking about him? Cos he criticised Buhari or he wants to rule Nigeria?

For goodness sake, this man has merely made a fundamental observation about this government. He voiced out the concerns and voices of many about this government.

Rather than seeing it from a commendable point of view, we chose to attack his person and ambition for 2019. We are simply being hypocritical and covering the truth to sheild this poorly performing administration.

Assuming it is about 2019, Atiku Abubakar is not only capable but also competent to rule this country. Let all the critics rather channel their efforts towards better things especially those that will benefit common masses. It is high time we started addressing issues in this country than just attacking personalities for the sake of it. Atiku has right to contest and if he does, I will campaign and vote for him unless there are better candidates.

I am amazed at the level at which we take Obasanjo opinion about Atiku so serious. As if we had no idea of how their relationship was. Also, Obasanjo would not have supported Atiku cos Atiku was in ACN while he was in PDP. And PDP was still in control of power. We should remember also that the reason behind Buhari winning in 2015 was because Nigeria has no better alternative and wanted Jonathan out of Aso Rock. Not that Buhari was the Best. We all have refused to vote for him in 3 consecutive elections. But voted him when we had no better choice. If the same fate befalls Atiku Abubakar, then so be it.

If I may also add that not all rich men made their riches through dirty ways. The earlier we understand that the better. Also to Nigerians, no single politician has no question on his integrity cos we as a people have made it so. We enjoy putting the integrity of all our leaders to question and see nothing good about them. The more reason why we are always quick to conclude that all of them are corrupt even if there are people among them mean so well for Nigerians.

This post was first published on Adam Muhammad’s fb wall ( ارم ابن محمر) on 13-09-2017 under the title ‘Atiku, Buhari and 2019’.

Edited and published on muzzammilwrites.


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