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October 1st remains a special date for all Nigerians as this marks the day when we attained one of the most precious of human desires — freedom. Over the years the country has gone through trials and tribulations, but October 1 st is always a day for celebrations. It is a day for thanks giving , reflection and re – dedication .

It is also a day for remembrance. We should remind ourselves of the recent journey from 1999 – 2015 , when our country happily returned to democratic rule. However , in spite of oil prices being an average of $ 100 per barrel and about 2 . 1 m barrels a day, that great piece of luck was squandered and the country ’s social and physical infrastructure neglected . We were left with no savings and huge infrastructure deficit .

The APC Government’ s Campaign rallying cry to restore security, re – balance the economy and fight corruption was not all rhetoric. The country must first be secured . The economy must be re -balanced so that we do not depend on oil alone . We must fight corruption which is Nigeria ’s Number One Enemy. Our Administration is tackling these tasks in earnest.

In the past two years, Nigeria has recorded appreciable gains in political freedom . A political Party at the Centre losing elections of State Governor, National Assembly seat and even State Assemblies to the opposition parties is new to Nigeria . Added to these are complete freedom to associate , to hold and disseminate opinions. Such developments clearly attest to the country ’s
growing political development . But like all freedoms , this is open to abuse .

Recent calls on re – structuring , quite proper in a legitimate debate, has let in highly irresponsible groups to call for dismemberment of the country. We can not and we will not allow such advocacy.

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Regularly, the British expeditions often starts from a water based area. The North wasn’t an exception. Lokoja (in the present day Kogi) was the start point in 1867. As usual, a consulate was established.

The British interest in the trade of along the Niger, the United African Company (UAC) was established in 1879 perhaps to gain a united font over other rivals (French and German explorers) within the region. The UAC later became N.A.C (National African Company) in 1881.

Having successfully created trading stations all over the waterways across the region (Onitsha, Asaba, Idah, Aboh) and creating a rapport with the Emirs in the North, the British took steps to dominate. The dreams came through in 1885 (British conference).

The N.A.C soon became R.N.C (The Royal Niger Company Chartered and Limited). RNC controlled the trading matters along the coast while every respective Emir manned his territory according to the statement of the treaties in smooth partnership. This was why the later Indirect rule system was successful in the region.

The rift only started when some Emirs (especially the Emir of Nupe) began to raise questions as to the conduct of the company in determining who comes into their country/Emirate. They felt they practically have no say concerning their territorial boundary laws.

Due to the pressure from the other rivals as they plan to hijack the territory from her, the company wasn’t ready to give in to the agitations of the locals. He therefore planned to silence the agitation for once and all.

In 1897, it ordered a military expedition into Nupe and Ilorin. The success of it gave it more strength to further occupy the rest if the Northern territory.

However, the pressure from outside kept increasing and thus it became clear to the British government that the hold of her territory in the Northern Emirates cannot be left in the hands of a ‘company’. British then financed a military force officered by the British army under the capable hands of Lord Frederick Lugard to dominate the RNC.

It then established its headquarters in Jebba as the West African Frontier Force. So that by January 1, 1900, upon revocation of the Company’s charter (of 1886), the government assumes direct and total control of all the Company’s territories.

Thus, the Union Jack was hoisted at Lokoja by Lugard and every Emirate automatically falls under his leadership. Though, majority of the local Emirate authorities do not know about this until later. He then became the first High Commissioner of the acquired territories.

As usual, the process didn’t go so smooth. There were resistance by local authorities at initials. Especially in Keffi, Kano and Sokoto where a certain Captain Moloney was beheaded by a Chief in Keffi; took cover in Kano and was supported by Sokoto. But as always, all of the Emirate forces put together was not too big for the British Army to handle.

Frederick Lugard continued leadership in the territories along the coast (Southern and Northern axis) discreetly until 1914. Reportedly, the now Nigeria (from the words ‘Niger area’) was amalgamated for ease of administration and trade relations.

In subsequent research, we shall look into Lord Lugard’s role in the formation of the New Nigeria. Anticipate…

Happy Independence day to all Nigerians. In case you missed the President’s Independence Day speech earlier this morning, here is the full script:

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THE NIGER-DELTA/BIAFRA EXPEDITION: How the rest of the South was conquered.

Although Lagos was the first place the British conquered, it appeared that there was also a concomitant push going on in the South South of what is today called ‘Nigeria’ as at the same time when Lagos was been bombarded. The interference also came as an impact of the British military (Navy) presence in the Niger-Delta area.

Thus: in order to practically abolish slave trade, British warships patrolled the West African coastline in 1807. The military passed a Slave Trade Abolition Act but up until 1836, when they employed the use of real force, Bonny was still a great dealer in slave trade through the coast.

To stop them,the British Navy initiated a clean operation which of course met resistance from the then King of Bonny, Alali. Alali arrested the Captain of the British Warship (liet. Tyron) and his troop in a bid to counter react.

Apparently, the move didnt end well for the Bonny Camp. British relaunched a tougher operation into Bonny with more warships. At the longrun, Bonny had to surrender and was made to sign a treaty of ensuring the safety of European lives and property within the coast. Because Alali later flaunted the agreement in 1837, the British Military toppled his rulership and installed a new King: W.D Pepple, a native who was practically an ally to the Europeans. This laid a solid ground for the British to ride on.

The military then made use of the opportunity to fully interfere in the local politics and administration of the region. In 1849, a consul (John Beecroft) for Bights of Biafra and Benin which covers the entire coastline of Nigerian area, was appointed to ensure the security and safety of lives and property of the British traders operating in the area.

It was during Beecroft’s 6 yr reign that Lagos was penetrated through the coastline in 1851. Itsekiri and Calabar was also bombarded and penetrated. By 1880, British were the most dominating European power in the Niger-Delta coast having penetrate every area in the south (South east inclusive). So that by 1885, after the Berlin Conference (84-85), other European powers in contest will have no choice but to officially concede the region to her total control.

King Jaja of Opobo.

The British military forged on. However, the mission of dominance and control never came so easy in some region like Opobo and Itsekiri were King Jaja and Nana respectively threw up notable resistance. Unlike the other Southern territories, Benin isnt close to or on the coast. But it got penetrated as well. This shows further shows the super strength of the British military as compared to the locals of that time. Though it took time before the British could occupy Benin because of its distance from the shore. In 1892, the British consulate first stepped into the territory in an attempt to solve a teeming societal conflict.

Complains have reached them in Bonny about how the Oba of Benin (Ovonramwen) was maltreating and imposing heavy terms and conditions on the neighbouring Itsekiri traders in an attempt to monopolise trade. The consulate sees this as a threat to business so it made approach to the King. They offered him a treaty of protection to control the situation which he (Oba) signed. But as usual, like every other African ruler, he failed to abide. So the Consul reacted fully by interfering and eventually took control of the territory.

Oba Ovonramwen initially formed a resistance but it was nothing to big for the British army to handle. On August 1897, Ovonramwen surrendered and was later exiled into Calabar before he died in 1914.

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In 1862, shortly after the abolition of slave trade off the Atlantic coast of Lagos and after gaining full dominance, in the order that they wade off potential hijackers (French and Portuguese Government), the British administration employed the use of force and guns on the Lagoon. This move eventually compelled the then King of Lagos: Oba Dosunmu to ceding his kingdom to the British.

THE YORUBA EXPEDITION: How the Yoruba region was captured.

By the treaty (of ceding) signed by the King, it meant that the Queen (from London) shall then control and administer the Port and Island of Lagos with all rights, profits and territories so as to assist, defend and protect the people of Lagos. This was the beginning of official colonialisation in the coast.

Although, the King (Oba Dosunmu) alongside his dynastic rival, Kosoko was rewarded with a pension scheme of £1030/year, he

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NIGERIAN QUIZ 2: How much do you KNOW?

NIGERIAN QUIZ 2: How much do you KNOW?

Category: Sports. 

  1. Who is the current Minister of Sport? 

  2. On the 9th September, the 2017 NPFL Champion was crowned having edged the second placed team MFM on the final standings. What is the name of the team? 

  3. In what year and in which event did Nigeria win her first football international laurel? 

  4. Who is the first Nigerian to win an Olympic medal? What year? 

  5. Nigeria first qualified for the football World cup in what year? 

  6. After a very long wait, D’Tigers won the Afrobasket championship in what year?

  7. Where was the last National Sport Festival held? 

  8. The only footballer in Africa to have won the AFCON title both as a Captain and as a Coach is……………….

  9. The Super Falcons have won the Africa Women Championship for a record …………… times. 

  10. Who won for Nigeria her first track and field Olympic medal?

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NIGERIAN QUIZ 1: How much do you KNOW?

NIGERIAN QUIZ 1: How much do you KNOW?
Category: General Administration.

Muzzammilwrites Quiz.

  1. The Nigerian Labour Congress is a Pressure group/union that protects the rights and privileges of workers in Nigeria. Who currently heads the Congress? 

  2. In 2015, the Presidential election that changed the face of governance was conducted by Prof. Attahiru Jega. Is tenure ended in 2016 and ………………………… is the new Chairman of INEC. 

  3. Nigeria has a total number of ……. service chiefs? 

  4. If Senator Ike Ikweremadu deputises for Senator Bukola Saraki as the Deputy Senate President, who deputises for the Speaker of the House of Rep.?

  5. The National executive council comprises of the President, V. president, and …. ministers? 

  6. In April 2017, in connection with fraud and corruption allegations, ………………… was suspended as the Secretary to the Federal Government.

  7. This year, after the conduct of UTME exams, JAMB remitted a record 5billion Naira to the cofine of thevGovernment. This milestone was recorded under the leadership of …………………………….

  8. Who is the current Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria? 

  9. Who is the current Chief Justice of the Federation? 

  10. Major General Tukur Buratai is the …………………………

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As a kid of 5 year-old, life was pretty easy. Your greatest challenge would have been deciding which toy(s) to play with first. Or probably mussing and scattering every corner of the room. There is that liberty to do what you like and go scot-free; you would always wish to be forever young.
As sweet as this looks, It wasnt so for the five-year old Lina Medina; a little Peruvian girl who, according to The Sun in 1939, gave birth to a baby boy, becoming the world’s youngest mother on record.

5 yr-old Lina Medina and her baby Gerardo

How did it happen?

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