The Glory Hunters. –Ola-lawal Muzzamil


Let’s go on a ride:
Leave your lacadaisies behind.
There are no seats for laggards.
Like Laagers;
We forge ahead conservatively liberal.

To be fore-armed is to be forewarned:

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The SIN-City

The society is now crazy.
If you must survive, prepare for the hunger games.
Get on or Get lost!
For it will get breezy soon.
Looming near is the thunder strikes.


Like the dance of the children in the rain,
We enjoy immorals with joy and pride.
For the saints;
There is no place to hide.
Beat them or join them.

Has it not been seen how wrongs are righted in seconds?
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Before You Make That Judgement…



Every discourse as two sides.
Have you any experience?
Assumption is but the begining of ignorance.
If indeed you are learned,
Exhaust your knowlege judiciously.
For he that judges without hearing both sides,
Is but an experienced mischief maker.

Every idiot is entitled to an opinion.
Have you no reasoning?
Sentiments are more deadlier than the cannon.
If indeed you are as so balanced,
Be sure to observe the circumstances succintly;
That you dont kill one to save one. Continue reading

To Lead is to Conquer… (a poem).


To lead is to conquer;
Verily, the Masters are Doctoring the philosophy.
So firm they stand their reign.
Their crafty-trickish spears spare no one.
Sadly, the quest to conquer
Have misplaced their desire to lead.

In the lead to conquer,
They were favored by your manipulative thumbs.
Those favors have indexed them into various positions of honor.
But like forgotten stories,
The sights of their middle fingers flaunted at you with pride
Is more than bizarre.

The new facets have them pitched against one another;
And the innocent ‘you’ will prolly be the mercenary.
You had thought they would actually fight for your course.
Maliciously, the reverse is the case.
Sorry, the Change agenda is on hold;
We have a bigger Chase to mould.

To lead requires strength, wisdom and desire.
To conquer; just own the masses.
They are readied instruments with little or no knowlege about the rivalry.
For as long as you have them,
Your rivals’ best tactics can only take them as far as a lid behind lead.
Surely, To lead is to conquer…