As an annual tradition, on this date (10-10-2017), the world marks a special moment to drum support for the mentally challenged individuals. This also includes awareness campaign to raise hope of treatment and survival for the victims. The World Mental Health Day is a smart Initiative of the United Nations (UN) in collaboration with the WHO.

This year’s theme of the World Mental Health Day aims basically at ‘Focusing on Conducive Work Environment’. Apart from its effect at tackling the mental health challenges, it also has potentials address the extent of the poor orderliness the world faces today. Corruption as one of the reference; Indeed, the brains need be properly reminded.

Nigeria’s situation is more precarious. Ours is a country of ‘one day one trouble’. The worries of many Nigerians are many. That is why the mental illness cases are everywhere around us and no one seems to be appreciating the nexus between the two.

However, Psychological experts have established a sharp connection between depression and mental challenges. Thus, those who are acutely depressed could actually slip off to ‘mental derangement’ If not properly detected.

Now what is depression?

Depression is a major depressive order: a serious medical illness that negatively affects how one feels, thinks and act. Depression is capable of causing feelings of sadness or even loss of interest in a particular activity one once enjoyed. Although it is a treatable illness, various emotional and physical problems are attached to it.

Individuals carry depressions everywhere around us without being noticed. Let’s begin from the work place: where a worker who earns peanuts (18,000 minimum wage for instance) is in the position to feed a family of 7 and above. I mean no one would be happy in such condition knowing fully well that he has to ‘bread-win’ his family on debts and alms. A clear indication of how your take home can’t take you home.

A worker that operates in a hostile environment is

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THE NIGER-DELTA/BIAFRA EXPEDITION: How the rest of the South was conquered.

Although Lagos was the first place the British conquered, it appeared that there was also a concomitant push going on in the South South of what is today called ‘Nigeria’ as at the same time when Lagos was been bombarded. The interference also came as an impact of the British military (Navy) presence in the Niger-Delta area.

Thus: in order to practically abolish slave trade, British warships patrolled the West African coastline in 1807. The military passed a Slave Trade Abolition Act but up until 1836, when they employed the use of real force, Bonny was still a great dealer in slave trade through the coast.

To stop them,the British Navy initiated a clean operation which of course met resistance from the then King of Bonny, Alali. Alali arrested the Captain of the British Warship (liet. Tyron) and his troop in a bid to counter react.

Apparently, the move didnt end well for the Bonny Camp. British relaunched a tougher operation into Bonny with more warships. At the longrun, Bonny had to surrender and was made to sign a treaty of ensuring the safety of European lives and property within the coast. Because Alali later flaunted the agreement in 1837, the British Military toppled his rulership and installed a new King: W.D Pepple, a native who was practically an ally to the Europeans. This laid a solid ground for the British to ride on.

The military then made use of the opportunity to fully interfere in the local politics and administration of the region. In 1849, a consul (John Beecroft) for Bights of Biafra and Benin which covers the entire coastline of Nigerian area, was appointed to ensure the security and safety of lives and property of the British traders operating in the area.

It was during Beecroft’s 6 yr reign that Lagos was penetrated through the coastline in 1851. Itsekiri and Calabar was also bombarded and penetrated. By 1880, British were the most dominating European power in the Niger-Delta coast having penetrate every area in the south (South east inclusive). So that by 1885, after the Berlin Conference (84-85), other European powers in contest will have no choice but to officially concede the region to her total control.

King Jaja of Opobo.

The British military forged on. However, the mission of dominance and control never came so easy in some region like Opobo and Itsekiri were King Jaja and Nana respectively threw up notable resistance. Unlike the other Southern territories, Benin isnt close to or on the coast. But it got penetrated as well. This shows further shows the super strength of the British military as compared to the locals of that time. Though it took time before the British could occupy Benin because of its distance from the shore. In 1892, the British consulate first stepped into the territory in an attempt to solve a teeming societal conflict.

Complains have reached them in Bonny about how the Oba of Benin (Ovonramwen) was maltreating and imposing heavy terms and conditions on the neighbouring Itsekiri traders in an attempt to monopolise trade. The consulate sees this as a threat to business so it made approach to the King. They offered him a treaty of protection to control the situation which he (Oba) signed. But as usual, like every other African ruler, he failed to abide. So the Consul reacted fully by interfering and eventually took control of the territory.

Oba Ovonramwen initially formed a resistance but it was nothing to big for the British army to handle. On August 1897, Ovonramwen surrendered and was later exiled into Calabar before he died in 1914.

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Democracy Day: Tinubu’s Message to Nigerians.


‘Jagaban Borgu’, as he is fundly called, The All Progressives Congress (APC) chieftain, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu on Sunday through a speech issued by his Media Adviser, Tunde Rahman, urged Nigerians to not only celebrate the Democracy day as another kind of holiday but too also thrive to uphold its principles.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu

“keep and nurture democracy, not for the sake of democracy but for the sake of the country”, a line in the statement reads.

He went further to stress that “Democracy Day and our commemoration of it must be more than an empty ritual. It must add up to more than another reason to have another holiday.

“We, as a people, choose democracy as our preferred form of governance not because it would be easy to achieve or to hold even once we have it. We choose democracy because history has taught us that the welfare of the people is best and perhaps only secured by government responsive and accountable to the people. This can only be democracy.

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SPIE Oil And Gas Ongoing Recruitment

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General administration in Enwan.

Chief O.C Daudu (Odafe of Enwan)

Traditionally, Enwan is ruled and governed by a king. Like the yoruba and bini kingdom, Enwan operates an Obaship system of governance. As a paramount ruler, Odafe is the title given to the king of Enwan. He serves as the head of the clan. So far, as at the time of this research, they have successfully had fourteen (14) Odafe.

Due to the fact that the kingship title isn’t completely hereditary, every kindred in Enwan has the right to the Odafeship. As a matter of fact, it rotates, in cycle, around every of the nineteen kindred of the 3 quarters. For instance, it will be the turn of Imiezua quarters if it has rotated every of the 4 kindred in Imiezakhor quarters. Then it will rotate all 8 kindreds in Imiezua before it becomes Imievanne’s turn to rotate. Thus, everyone is entitled to the throne. Though, a candidate must be popular, free from diseases; physical deformity and crime to be eligible. On the authority of the eldest man in the appropriate ruling house, a suitable candidate will therefore be chosen via consensus. This is, however, the summary of the declaration of customary law regulating succession to traditional ruler title under the executive council of the then Bendel state of Nigeria relating to Enwan. As at the time of the research, the new Odafe of Enwan, in person of Chief O.C. Daudu, has not been coronated as the case of his rightful succession is being challenged by another man from his kindred in court. We will do a little more research to know if he has now been crowned. But he has been actively up and doing, serving for the betterment of the community.

Mode of Dressing among Enwan People.

The traditional mode of dressing is very similar to that of the Yorubas. In the older days of the Enwan community, before the advent of European civilization, many people will prefer to use their native attires. However, present day outfits in the community include shorts, trousers, blouse and wrappers, etc.

Burial Rites in Enwan Land

As the highest title which man will attain after gathering every other thing on earth, death is inevitable. Everyone is as equal as one another in the eyes of death. When an elderly person dies, information will be sent to the relations in other part of the town so as to commence burial rites. However, Continue reading

Toke Makinwa’s Ex-Husband, Maje Files Suit against Her –Accuses Her of Fabricated Exaggeration.h


Image result for toke and majeAlthough I had expected this to happen but am only surprise as to why it took this long to happen. It’s been over a month the famous OAP, Toke Makinwa, wrote a book about her ascension to the limelight. The book since its launch in November has continued to generate diverse opinions from readers. The book touches major asoects of her marriage life with her divorced husband, Maje Ayida. Some have criticised her on the basis that she over exaggerated her themes by portraying Maje to be a bully, cheater and inconsiderate husband. Of course some have also backed her claims and has praise her for her diplomatic way of resolving the issue.

However, as this story boils, I had expected the attacked villain in this whole story, Maje to come out to either validate or debunk Continue reading

AFCON 2017: Host GABON Crashes Out, Burkina Faso and Cameroon Through. see Group B fixtures and Preview.



Group A

The Group stage of the African Cup of Nation is gradually coming to an end. Yesterday saw the final legs of matches in the Group A. Gabon, the host nation, took on Cameroon while Burkina Faso played Guinea Bissau. All teams went into the game yesternight with a chance to secure a ticket into the quarterfinal of the competition; a ticket available for only the best two teams. At the end of the day’s game, Burkina Faso and Cameroon were the victors both qualifying with 5points. Burkina Faso however edged Cameroon with the goal difference to top the group. Disappointingly, Gabon has failed to win any match in the tournament. With only 3points from 3 games, the host has crashed out of the competition. Guinea Bissau also crashed out with only one draw in 3 games.

Final results and table.Image result for afcon 2017 images

Gabon                        0-0       Cameroon

Guinea Bissau            0-2       Burkina Faso 


Burkina Faso             5points            +2

Cameroon                  5points            +1

Gabon                        3points            +0

Guinea Bissau            1point.             -3

In Group B.

Final Actions prepared to go down by 8pm (Nigerian Time) today with Senegal taking on Algeria and Zimbabwe against Tunisia. Senegal goes into the encounter tonight with their heads high having automatically qualified. Senegal has however become a determination for the success of the other team members. Zimbabwe and Tunisia will be hoping on a defeat for Algeria while they Continue reading