My dear Nigerians,

October 1st remains a special date for all Nigerians as this marks the day when we attained one of the most precious of human desires — freedom. Over the years the country has gone through trials and tribulations, but October 1 st is always a day for celebrations. It is a day for thanks giving , reflection and re – dedication .

It is also a day for remembrance. We should remind ourselves of the recent journey from 1999 – 2015 , when our country happily returned to democratic rule. However , in spite of oil prices being an average of $ 100 per barrel and about 2 . 1 m barrels a day, that great piece of luck was squandered and the country ’s social and physical infrastructure neglected . We were left with no savings and huge infrastructure deficit .

The APC Government’ s Campaign rallying cry to restore security, re – balance the economy and fight corruption was not all rhetoric. The country must first be secured . The economy must be re -balanced so that we do not depend on oil alone . We must fight corruption which is Nigeria ’s Number One Enemy. Our Administration is tackling these tasks in earnest.

In the past two years, Nigeria has recorded appreciable gains in political freedom . A political Party at the Centre losing elections of State Governor, National Assembly seat and even State Assemblies to the opposition parties is new to Nigeria . Added to these are complete freedom to associate , to hold and disseminate opinions. Such developments clearly attest to the country ’s
growing political development . But like all freedoms , this is open to abuse .

Recent calls on re – structuring , quite proper in a legitimate debate, has let in highly irresponsible groups to call for dismemberment of the country. We can not and we will not allow such advocacy.

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‘Atiku Abubakar is not only capable but also competent to rule this country’– Barr. Adam Muhammad Ndakudu.

Atiku Abubakar

With all sense of responsibility, Atiku is one of the very few Nigerians who have no cases of corruption hanging on their necks. This man has challenged you to bring evidence if you have any. The onus is no longer on him but on us who think he is corrupt. He who asserts must prove. Unlike other politicians, Atiku is a self-made business man whose source of money can be traced for those interested. Because he has called APC led administration to order is not a justification to attack his integrity.

Despite struggling so hard to redeemed the already battered image, there is no doubt that this administration has largely dashed the hope and disappointed many Nigerians. So having someone like Atiku who is a strong stakeholder in the party to call the government to wake up to responsibility is rather commendable. But as it were, Nigeria is a country where sane things hardly happen.

Atiku and Buhari

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US Replies Jonathan: 2015 Election Reflected The Will of the People.

The United States of America has replied Nigeria’s former President (Goodluck Jonathan)’s accusations. The US government communicated this through the US Embassy spokesperson in Nigeria, Russel Brooks on Wednesday.


Following Goodluck Jonathan’s sudden outburst about the US Government under the administration of Barack Obama was hell bent on kicking him out of office back in 2015, Brooks had come out to debunk such claim insisting that President Muhammadu’s victory at the 2015 presidential election was outrightly the will of the Nigerian electorates.


Earlier this week, Jonathan said,
“President Barack Obama and his officials made it very clear to me by their actions that they wanted a change of government in Nigeria and we’re ready to do anything to achieve that purpose.
“They even brought some naval ships into the Gulf of Guinea in the days preceding the election.
“I got on well with Prime Minister David Cameron but at some point, I noticed that the Americans were putting pressure on him and he had to join them against me.
“But I didn’t realise how far President Obama was prepared to go to remove me until France caved in to the pressure from America.
“But weeks to the election, he had also joined the Americans in supporting the opposition against me.” Continue reading

Who is the Presidency? Lets Reply the SGF; Babachir Lawal.

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The media hasn’t recovered fully from the cataclysmic shock it received last week following the news of the Suspension of the Secretary to the Federal Government, Babachir David Lawal. B D Lawal (as he is fondly called), prior to this news, is seen to ‘untouchable’. After concrete allegations against him, the man still seems to be standing on both legs. Some has even referred to him as one of the demons (cabal) in the villa.
Pending investigation reports, Babachir was suspended alongside the Director General of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) by ‘the Presidency’. The Latter needs to wash himself clean of involvement in 49million Dollars Cash hoarding found in a Flat in Ikoyi, Lagos. A panel of 3 led by the V.President, Yemi Osinbajo, together with the Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, was immediately set up by the President, Muhammadu Buhari to probe and investigate the SGF. Recall that the Senate had accused him of mismanaging IDP funds back in December.

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Mixed trails of reactions have anguished this frantic decision of the president. Even though Nigerians are finally beginning to regain confidence in the President’s Anti graft War with this fresh attempt to touch one of his anointed, coupled with the fact that it is coming late, they aint pleased with the composition of the probe panel which has further stated that it will conduct the trials in close doors.
In the midst of all of these, the SGF’s reaction to his suspension remains the trending topic. In an ‘on the move’ interview with newsmen in Abuja, the SGF led us through a goof or rather an imperative. When asked to comment on his suspension by ‘the presidency’, B D lawal ‘bladdergashly’ replied the journalists with the question: ‘who is the Presidency?’
That reply got the media a little cranky. In a clear sentence, the SGF is obviously making a mockery of the whole process. Let me guess, his intuition would actually read –How can the Presidency suspend the Presidency? Being the SGF, all documents should channel through his desk. Dear Babachir, Wake up. In Nigeria, Anything is possible when Everything is involved. Continue reading

Buhari Not Dead –Presidency Refutes.

Following rumors that had gather around earlier yesterday about the death of President Muhammadu Buhari, the Presidency has hereby come out to dispute such rumors saying it lacks truth.

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The Presidency, through both of its media aides on twitter, last night debuked speculations that President Muhammadu Buhari was in a terrible health condition that could lead to his death. They however asserted that the president is well, healthy and alive.

In his reaction to the speculations on his Twitter handle, Femi Adesina, the Special Adviser on Media and Publicity) thanked all those who wished the president well and also asked for the Grace of God on all those who initialised the rumor.

“Best wishes to all who wish PMB well. As for those who carry evil rumours, may they receive grace to repent.” Continue reading


Credit: Henry Umoru (

President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday wrote the Senate that the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo will act on his behalf as President for the 10 days that he would be on medical vacation.

imagesIn a letter addressed to the Senate President, Senator Bukola Saraki, President Buhari said he was writing in line with Section 145 (1) of the 1999 constitution as amended.

According to the letter which was read at plenary today, Tuesday by Saraki, President Buhari said he will be away from Monday 23rd January to Monday 6th February.

The letter read, “In compliance with Section 145 (1) of the 1999 constitution as amended, I wish to inform the Distinguished Senate that I will be away n a short medical vacation from Monday January, 23 to February 6th, 2017 and while I am away, the Vice President (Osinbajo) will perform the functions of my office.

“Please, accept, as always assurances of my highest esteemed consideration.”

It would be recalled that President Buhari also last year wrote to the Senate to go on vacation on a short medical vacation from 6th-16th of June, 2016.

FATAL ERROR: Military Mistakenly Strikes IDP Camp — Over 100 dead

YESTERDAY, a military jet mistakenly hit the Rann IDP camp in Borno state leading to the death of about people with 120 injured.

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According to Premium Times, those who were injured were evacuated to hospitals for treatment. The Rann IDP camp is located in Kala-balge local government area and it caters for thousands of persons displaced by Boko Haram.

The spokesperson of the army, Brigadier General Rabe Abubakar had confirmed the tragic incident and said the military deeply regretted the ghastly error.

According to him, the army had struck because they got intelligence report of Boko Haram presence in there.  The military then deployed its ground and air troops in counter action. The air troop was mistakenly dropped on the IDP camp.

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