2015 went down in our political history as the most dramatic year since the handover of governance to civilian powers. I remembered each month had its peculiar story. From January till December was a hit back to back. Thanks to our seasoned political actors and players.

The Elections, allegations and Counter responses from every sides of the divide drenched the nation into its strongest political mess. The aftermath of this mess spread into 2016 till 2017. As a matter of fact, we are still nursing the damages incurred. If care isn’t taken, we will walk into 2019 with the heaps.

The truth being that some issues were intentionally left unsolved and unattended to. As a result of the trending ‘selfishism’ or just a way to promote the already prophesied shenanigan initiated by the UN to be the aftermath of the 2015 elections. Recall that everyone had predicted the end of ‘Nigeria’ by 2015. The election came and went. We are not divided though, but the chants and body language as of today is pointing a delayed division at sight.

Nigerians voted out the ruling power in 2015 strongly because of two things: Continue reading


PMB writes to the National assembly for modifications to 2016 budget.

imagesPresident Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday has made a proposal to the National Assembly for a review of some items in the 2016 budget as amended. The adjustments which will translate to an upgrade of about 180.8b Naira is meant to address some financial urgencies.

The president’s proposal was contained in a letter to the National Assembly on Tuesday, in which he seeks a total N180.8 billion in virement for line items in both capital and recurrent expenditures. He has however traced the sudden augmentation to the activities in the Niger-Delta which has made multinational companies like Shell and Agip suspend some activities for a largepart of the year.

He said the destruction of oil installations had left his
administration unable to pay overhead costs as the nation has no viable alternative means of revenue has sufficed.

“The most viable option now is the virement of appropriated funds from heads or sub heads …,” Mr. Buhari concluded in the letter addressed to Senate President Bukola Saraki and Speaker Yakubu Dogara respectively.

Areas where the president said needed urgent injection of funds include security, intervention programs, education and services.
The president said there was no point allowing funds to lay idle in some agencies while activities are grounded in others due to financial shortfalls.