Ramadan is the month wherein the Qur’an was revealed for the guidance of mankind and to serve as the criterion for knowing our rights from wrong. It is the month of fasting, praying, patience, worship, recitation of the glorious Qur’an and seclusion (itikaf). Therefore, every Muslim is obligated to partake in the blessings. Moreover, with valid reasons as prescribed, some individuals are prevented. But for whosoever that is prevented in this month, he/she shall payback the service later on.

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‘o ye who believe! Fasting is decreed on you like it was decreed on the people before you; so that ye may be righteous’ — Qur’an 2:183.

This simply means that this blessed month has been prescribed has antidote to cure us from our unrighteous acts. We aare therefore enjoined to embrace all the teachings and practice from this Holy month during and after the Ramadan so that we may be righteous. This article will therefore entails series of important things we need to know , do and observe during the holy month in order not to miss the bounty rewards it brings.

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Already, Humanity has suffered enough in the hands of these terrorists. Pointing accusing fingers at this point in time wont solve the issue but aggravate it. These set of criminals derive pleasure in torturing and killing fellow humans and keeping malice will only make them look fulfilled. In essence, this cataclysmic confusion amongst religious societies and belief isnt the way out. It’s only worsening it. No doubt, We are all guilty of this act.

Moreover, everyone has been trying to disassociate themselves from the looming terror strikes not because they want to wash themselves clean but because they want to indict the other the people at the other end. Series of strikes and attacks have been launched in different places but little has been done rescuing refugees or on ending the terror. All we do is lay blames and counter blames against one another. No one is trying to really do the needful. No one is ready counter the terror in ernest. No one seems to be ready to look into the real cause of the terror. Since, it is (at least for the mean time) working in your favor, it seems enjoyable. Right? Don’t worry, tomorrow will turn the table and you will also be on the hot seat. Let’s see how well you will defend your tent then. Instead of quenching this fire of terror, you sit there arms crossed observing and criticising shebi? E go soon shock u.

When the cause of a problem is identified, I believe, it is half solved. Why not let’s join hands together to identify tje big problem; then solve it together. Is that too big to ask? Forget your innocence here. Accept your fault and make frantic effort to correct them. It will go a long way in helping humanity defeat her common enemy– terrorism.

When terror looms, let’s try not to be sentimental; lets try to reason beyond the immediate cause of the action. Am sure if we look closely and deeply, we will unlock the reasons and solutions to these problems. Rather than using terrorism as a tool to achieve our blasphemy mission, Continue reading