Happy Independence to Nigeria at 57! Yes, though we have been through downs together, it would have been an apogee to excuse myself from the celebration. Of course, we are in this together; we must all participate in the brainstorming to overcome.

I eloquently share in the view of some about the hastiness of our colonial freedom. They have, over the years, insisted that the independence of 1960 was too much in a hurry. For their arguments, they believed the colonial masters should have tarried a little longer. Perhaps, a similar development like the one in South Africa would have been the light.

As obvious, the level of infrastructural development and education would have been less abysmal. Unlike what we have at the present; Our self-rule struggle hadnt fetched us enough qualities like those years. As a matter of fact, there are communities where the only surviving means of formal education are the schools that were built by either the colonial influence or the missionaries.

Those who have had the mandate to lead such people simply refused to add up to what they grew up to meet. Such comatose has loudened the cry of pain. A society with an homegrown authorities but lack the basic needs for survival. What a dismal.

The elites of those times, aided by their subjects, worked together

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Diezani Allison-Madueke

Musing through the trendings lately, I keep imagining how beauty could eventually become the beast. I mean: exactly what would indeed a normal human being ever need 13 Billion British Pounds (27 trillions of Naira) for in this limited world? if divided evenly across the nation’s equivocal population of 170,000,000 people, each person will get about N158 millions. In fact, she dint just steal our funds then: she stole our destiny.

She stole the National stadium, NNPC towers, 326 Peugeot cars, The American Embassy, Abuja Airport, Aso Rock villa, Road Safety vehicles, ship loads of dollars and pounds, Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Wuse Market, and even all the cows and goats in the neighbourhood… lol. According to Magu, she has humbled Abacha’s loot record. Hahaha… Ours is a country of unending drama. Diezani stole everything!



Could it have been that Diezani was a smooth criminal? A shrewd operator with deceptive smiles and pretty face. She silently killed the then president Jonathan admin. Hmmn… My dear readers, Beware of pretty women. They fit mar u.

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