Ethics and Conduct: The Youth Vs The Elders in the 21st Century — Baruwa Yusuf.

The society has changed and old things passed away. It is the modern century of technological beef up. The engagements of today seems to be far more productive than then. We now have our information saved on clouds; We don’t need to bother our brains any longer. Indeed, the advancement in technology has made our lives easy, flexible and splendid. Unarguably, we are now smarter than our predecessors.

However, could the same story be said of our moral affairs too? I mean: Since the standard level of reasoning has evolved over time, shouldn’t the level of mannerism and behaviour also follow suit?

Whenever I hear some set of people accuse other set of not having manner, I personally begin to wonder if the meaning of the word “manner” has followed a neo-logical process. Although the word seems polysemous, its pragmatic meaning should however be stated. Let us know who is right and who is deceiving who.

I am practically beginning to get confused as to which divide to stand. A relative situation is where someone from the younger generation tries to correct or disapprove a detrimental step or advice from an elder, not judging the consequences or circumstance, the young man is quick to be labelled a ‘rebel with absence or no manners’. Even if it appears that the decision may affect him adversely in the nearest future. If that is what is called ‘lack of manner’, then the real meaning of manners need to be established.

According to the late Afro beat legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, the kind of dogmatic followership expected of us from our elders was described as ‘ZOMBIE’. And be it as it may, I am sorry; I was not bred to be a zombie. I will speak my mind with reasons for you to believe. Am meant to be somebody like my mum would say.

Our elders are our bosses at work, teachers in school, our parents at home and even the leaders in our politics ruling over us. They have always nurtured the notion that: we have no right to object whatever decree they made. Sometimes, I wonder if they still perceive this generation as a weak one. For the record, we have come of age. The 18th century is different from the 21st. Slave trade was abolished long time ago.

I am sorry, if my lips cannot be pierced like lock hinges to deprive me of my freedom of speech and I can not be handcuffed to be refrained from writing my mind. This is the 21st century.

Moreover, in as much as I refuse to be caged in the box, I know our elders possess some level of temerity, wisdom with a sackful of life experience. They are meant to guide our steps and not command our steps. It is not enough to toy with our success. We are the leaders of today: We rule our world.

In conclusion, as a well cultured Yoruba boy, I pledge not to insult or abuse anyone most especially the elders as it will be against the teachings of Omoluabi -the Yoruba teachings on good character. One of which says “Emi lóri rere ti kò níwà, ìwà ló máa borì re je” effectively translated to English by Adeyemi (2008:120) as ‘as good as a person’s destiny may be, if he has no character, it is lack of character that will ruin his destiny’. Well, I also pledge to always speak or write out my raw mind.

Written by Comr. Baruwa Yusuf.

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Democracy Day: ‘Dont Wish Us Dead; You Will Still Need Us as Mentors’– Obasanjo.

Olusegun Obasanjo

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo on Sunday in a conference, also attended by Aminu Tambuwwal of Sokoto state ane the Minister of Aviation (Osita Chidoka), pleaded with the nation’s youth not to wish the elders in the country “dead”, saying they will surely need them as “mentors” and “advisers” in their sojourn.

He stated categorically that his greatest fear about the Nigeria of today is about the “anger and frustration of the youths”. He likened the situation to a time bomb illustrating that if the situation is not well managed, it could lead to a “youth explosion.”

Nigerian youths are not getting help from anywhere lately and Continue reading


Image result for nigerian youth fighting images
Nigerian Lawmakers scaling the NASS fence

With the way my fellow brother and sisters in the ‘youth industry’ are criticizing (as usual) the president’s #ministerialList, I think I have been forced to talk.

But before I proceed, isnt it this same Nigerians that voted for change? Are they not the the same set of people that were backing every Buhari’s appointments just last month? So why the sudden change? Well, I know quite well the reason for the change. Una sef want ministerial portfolio abi? No problem, but lemme just remind you sey ‘na hand wey work na im dey chop o!’. Tor!

Back to the matter at hand, we (youth) have resumed again to our regular game of criticism. The one game no other age bracket plays better than us. Infact, I think the present administration should endeavour to create for us a Ministry of Criticism. Maybe then we will have our share of the ministerial cake. But as it stands, am sorry if you think am wrong, we don’t deserve any of the ministry on ground. Ask me why and I will give you reasons.

The first reason, just as I have said in pidgin above, is that ‘you cant reap from what you did not sow. There is no way you will climb the ladder of success with your two hands in your pocket. The truth is we always want success cheap. We are not ready to struggle real length for success. Yet we criticize the successful. Let me ask you a question; when this old men were busy delivering their respective states and region to the president in the 2015 polls, where were we? Shebi we were here on this regular platform (social media) helping them count their gains. We sat at home watching T.V while they were at the war front risking their lifes and integrity. Till date, some of them haven’t recovered well from the clash. Many of them are paying the price by being scapegoats of justice. So many of them have been witch-hunted by both the tribunal and the judiciary. Did you ask yourself why no youth have been vindicated so far? Ok, that’s none of your business shebi? U just sit at home and start making memes of them in the dock. U sha want the ministerial slot but you aint ready to pay the price. Don’t be a coward bro.

The youth of today have been brainwashed and made to believe that Continue reading


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Maybe I might be wrong; maybe not, but I will appreciate your welcoming effort to peruse through this article. This is about a mind blowing issue that concerns every thinking Nigerian Youth. It is a must-read for every ‘patriotic’ Nigerian who wishes for an outstanding personal and national development.

Come to think of it, who are the leaders of tomorrow and how do they flair in the real sense at the moment? These are simple questions that warrant serious reasoning before we finally jump into conclusion.

To start with, they say we youth are the leaders of tomorrow. Of course, we are and they been saying this even before I was born. But the point of reasoning is that – do we really have or exhibit those qualities, attitudes and altitude that real leaders should display? Am afraid it’s a very big NO. We don’t and we are not even craving to acquire them. We look too comfortable the way we are.

These old wigs had pushed us out yet we stay so relaxed. From time in memorial, they have killing our dreams. They claim ‘we are the leaders of tomorrow’, but have shielded us from acquiring the basics and culture a potential leaders should. Knowingly or unknowingly, they have only been concerned about their own progress and they forget to bring us up in the administrative way. Perhaps, for the fear of our dominance.

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Nigerian Youth Corp members at an Orientation camp

I don’t have real issues with them, but with we youths who seem to accepted the fate. Awkwardly, we look too comfortable the way we are. We prefer to sit down on those cushion with our legs crossed over the other doing nothing but Continue reading


This has been happening because
the youth aint even fighting for
growth. We prefer to facebook all
day when this so called old men are
busy working out plans for d
betterment of the country. So tell me, how the young will grow?

The growth, in this sense, is not like the
natural human growth. To achieve
it, you must fight for it. So let’s stop
being lazy and take responsibility.

Enough of the unnecessary criticism.
Dont leave the act of decision making and
solution finding solely in the hands of
the old.
Profer workable solutions to critical
issues disturbing the nationhood and stop being a coward.

People need to see the zeal and prowess in
you before they can entrust their life in you.
No one will want a facebooker to rule when
there are thousands of qualified
old-men out there. Think! For This is the #change we crave for.